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just feel so low

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sotired2 Mon 27-Mar-17 10:50:24

Its been a tough few months but I've held it together. Last night though whilst sitting downstairs alone I just started crying and even today I feel the tears are just below the surface and I'm putting on a face at work.

I love my job but hate the office I work in (no option to move) I share with 2 other ladies who are perfectly polite but like to keep work/home strictly separate so there is hardly any office chat. IE One will book holiday and go away (I can just about gather that) but I've no idea where. So I sit in silence most of the day. Rest of company is friendly but due to my managerial position I'm kept at arms length of any office chat.

Home life is hard DH will not share a room with me (says I keep him awake) so I lie awake at night on my own - he only comes near me if he thinks he might get some action (which is rare) We have 2 DC who I am the main carer for. I honestly feel like the home help!

Yesterday the fact that it was Mothers Day went by with hardly a mention and it was just a normal Sunday (DH spent most of it snoozing as he was hangover) Its my birthday in a couple of weeks and when I dared to mention if anyone felt like doing anything everyone (including friends) are busy.

I just feel so alone and undervalued by everyone in my life.

Joto369 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:01:29

Wanted to say hello and how are you feeling. I'm so sorry you didn't have a good mothers day that must have been hard. Have you tried to tell people how you feel? Have you thought about talking to a counsellor maybe? I'm just doing that to work through some stuff about friends and lack of contact from them which upsets me do I kind of know how you feel. Keep talking here there's so much support xxx

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