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user1489762682 Fri 17-Mar-17 15:04:17

I tried Sertraline and Citalopram and they did not agree with me- the doctor has now given me a SNRI called Duloxetine (Cybalta).
Does anyone have any POSITIVE experiences of this? Am petrified to start them but my anxiety is so bad its ruining my life and my time with my baby.

Mermaidinthesea Wed 22-Mar-17 07:26:57

I,m on it and doing ok. I do have to warn you that the first few weeks on it are tough, your anxiety gets worse and you can feel terrible before settling down. I seem to remember I felt suicidal the first week.
Also sleepy, if I had a baby I'm not sure I could have got up in the night without being craned out of bed.
I've been on it for a couple of months, go to bed early at about 8-9 pm and take one just before I go to bed and I'm out like a light. The sleepiness now seems to have worn off and I'm up and about at 7 as usual without feeling like I've been coshed over the head. It takes a month or two to get back to normal so you have to be prepared to wait it out.
I feel a lot better now, no more crippling 24 hour panic attacks and I haven't put any weight on which I normally do with medication.
Never, never wash one down with a glass of wine if you're having a bad day, I had 12 hours of projectile vomiting!! I don't drink at all now on these.
Once you are established on them they do seem to be the best of the bunch but they deaden your feelings so ok if you are trying to get through an acute stage in your life - in my case divorce but I wouldn't want to be on them for ever.

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