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Will cbt work?

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Coverup890 Fri 17-Mar-17 06:26:11

Hi i finally bit the bullet after 9 years of feeling like numb to the world and went to the drs. They put me on sertraline and have said i need to go to cbt. All i have read about it though seems to be to do with anxiety. Im a shy person but never got anxious about things if that makes sense. I happily go out and do stuff without thinking about it. I am socially awkward but have always been that way.

I have just been feeling total detached from the world. Like when i ride my motorbike and someone nearly hits me i dont react normally its like im just watching it on tv if that happened years ago i would have had adrenaline and fear but not now. I never cry or get really happy. (Everyone thinks im really happy) the only emotion i do get is angry.

Sorry that turned into a ramble. I dont have anyone in rl to talk to dp thinks if i feel anything but happy i want to leave him and the rest of my family are of the pull yourself together mh isnt real type.

FederatedFilms Fri 17-Mar-17 10:29:02

CBT will give you some tools to help you cope but it does not resolve the deeper issues, for that, seeing a Psychotherapist would be best as they have the training to help delve deeper into what is causing the problem. Unfortunately with the cutbacks in mental health provision in the NHS it is very hard to see one, so you would have to go private, an accredited Psychotherapist can be found at

Coverup890 Fri 17-Mar-17 18:10:41

I couldnt afford to go private as we are barely scraping by as it is. Thanks for the help though

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