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Sleeping too much

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motheroreily Sun 12-Mar-17 16:06:41

I really need to get out of this habit I'm in. I sleep to escape things. I work four days a week (I'm out the house about 11 hours) and have one child which isn't exhausting me at all.

But In the week I go to bed at about 8:30. On my day off I sleep. At the weekend when my daughter is with her dad I sleep.

I did it today too. I got up
About 8 and cleaned my kitchen then went back to bed.

I had an exhausting time three years ago. My mum was terminally ill and I was driving 4 hours each way to see her every other weekend then I split with my husband and lived temporarily with my brother and was driving an hour to take my daughter to school then doing my normal commute of an hour and half. But I'm not exhausted anymore I just don't want to be awake.

Sorry if I'm not making sense.

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