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Post natal depression/anxiety

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Wheresthemissingsqueakyegg Fri 10-Mar-17 17:39:47

Please be kind.

I have a 7 week old DD whom I am BF with the occasional bottle of formula (I have tried using different dummies to no avail but have come to the realisation she is using me for comfort)
I also have a 17 month old DS
F**k me it is really hard work, I'm not enjoying it, I feel drained and guilty I can't do as much with my DS
I've not been wanting to leave the house but have been making effort to go for a short walk most days (even tho all DD does is scream)
She has reflux but they won't give medication as she's not lost enough weight (she is currently
On 9th centile) and won't sleep anywhere except on me and is only happy when being held. We are co sleeping at night and I'm
So paranoid of the SIDs risk in not getting much rest either
I am a single parent with no support from my family.
Not really sure what the point of my post is just needed to write it down

hayleyB79 Fri 10-Mar-17 22:47:18

So sorry to her you're struggling at the moment. I too was a single mum and my two babies also used me for comfort. I co slept with both of them and were fine so don't feel guilty about that. My health visitor told me as long as I didn't smoke, drink alcohol or was overly tired then not to worry. Obviously its better if they can sleep in their own cots but for your own mental health if they won't slreep without you thats not really an option. Well done for getting out the house every day, mi e cried for the first few months anytime they were in the buggy. I promise it gets easier. Sorry to hear your family are of no help, do you have friends you can talk to?

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