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loosing benefits, and home

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doradee123 Wed 08-Mar-17 16:45:18

hi there, my sister was sectioned under the mental act which was a 2, but we are getting too the end of that, and no signs of improvement, they now want to section her under the section 3, she has her own flat, i was wondering, will her benefits stop, and will she loose her flat, any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Wed 08-Mar-17 18:13:59

Not 100% sure, but I think once you've been in hospital over a certain length of time at least some of your benefits stop. Not sure about housing benefits. Can you get an appointment with citizens advice?

thetreesarebare Wed 08-Mar-17 18:16:06

Definitely pop into the CAB. Hope you get it all sorted.

unweavedrainbow Thu 09-Mar-17 20:50:19

I just saw this. I do welfare advice. You lose DLA/PIP after having been in hospital for 4 weeks, Severe Disability Premium (money for being disabled, so getting DLA/PIP, and living alone), if she gets that, will stop after 4 weeks too. HB is paid for a year unless there's dependants at home, ESA is paid indefinitely no matter how long you're in hospital. I hope this helps. smile

doradee123 Thu 09-Mar-17 21:19:50

thankyou so much, she doesnt get any dla or pip, just esa, so hopefully, things will be ok, and that she will still have her home, and because of her illness, she has still got money to pay for her own food as she wont anything whike she is in there, so we have to travel every day, and take her out for food, thanks again for all your replies.

unweavedrainbow Thu 09-Mar-17 22:02:44

She should be getting PIP. She is definitely entitled. Get her care coordinator to do the forms. They're used to them and know what to write and what evidence to send. It won't start paying till she's left hospital but the process can take a while-usually 3 to 6 months- so it's worth getting ahead.

doradee123 Fri 10-Mar-17 00:04:22

thanks for that info rainbow, i will have a word tomorrow.

joangray38 Fri 10-Mar-17 00:14:09

Ask to see a hospital social worker they will be able to advise what help she can get and help fill pop forms in

joangray38 Fri 10-Mar-17 00:14:30

Pip not pop

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