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In pain

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kateshair Wed 08-Mar-17 11:05:43

I'm in a situation where relationship is falling down. Can't eat or sleep. Need to be able to function as got two small children. I'm literally in agony !

fallenempires Wed 08-Mar-17 11:55:06

So sorry to hear that.It hurts like nothing else IME.I imagine that you're experiencing a whole range of emotions atm.
Is this something which you've seen coming or more of a bolt out of the blue?flowers

Joto369 Wed 08-Mar-17 13:25:55

Hi. My relationship is all about done I know how you feel. Keep talking we're here to support x

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Wed 08-Mar-17 22:22:46

We are listening.

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