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Help with depression

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TheWhiteWolf Mon 06-Mar-17 20:29:03

I have needed to get some help for a long time, over the past 10 years or so I have had periods of depression and anxiety and lately I feel it has got to the stage now that I just can't carry on living my life like this.

I have good and bad days, weeks and months, and I am quite high functioning so am good at hiding my feelings from my family. But inside I am a mess, I feel worthless and i cannot cope with anything. I cry all the time when I'm alone. Nobody really understands or takes seriously how I am feeling though. I have tried talking to people about it and they just don't get it.

I do not like the thought of going to my GP as I imagine that all they will do is give me a prescription for antidepressants and send me on my way. I don't think that'll actually help me. But I really don't know how else to get help and I suppose it is my only option.

Wolfiefan Mon 06-Mar-17 20:31:33

I went to the GP. My crisis was work related but in retrospect I had been suffering for years. Yes I got pills. But I was in a bad place and I needed medication to start to recover. I also had CBT which gave me strategies to help. I am now off the pills but still use the strategies I learnt.
They can also prescribe a reading list.

Sounsure12349 Mon 06-Mar-17 20:40:54

Hi there,
I have needed help for a long time and felt exactly like you, I was advised to take anti depressants but for so long I refused feeling worried and embarrassed, it all came to a head and I have recently started anti depressants, now I look back on the last few years and wish id got help sooner, I'm currently having counselling along side the medication.... its not made me a different person or changed me that much but its taken the edge off how I was feeling, now I wake up feeling positive and ready for the day. I highly recommend just giving them a try! x

Wolfiefan Mon 06-Mar-17 20:43:28

I also think it's part of the depression that you feel you should be able to cope and you have no reason to be depressed. Depression is an illness. I have asthma and take an inhaler. What's the difference?

TheWhiteWolf Mon 06-Mar-17 20:57:51

Thank you for your replies. I didn't actually expect anybody to reply. You are right Wolfie, if it was any other type of illness I'd just go to the doctor without a second thought. You mentioned a reading list, what type of things were on it?

Sounsure, I am glad you are now feeling a little better. I hope I can get to that point to but the thought of actually going to the doctor and admitting that I can't cope is just making the anxiety worse. I feel sick just thinking about it.

Sounsure12349 Mon 06-Mar-17 22:23:32

Well going to the dr I felt the same, But my dr told me that most people take them at some time in their lives, these people are everyone, teachers, lawyers, shop workers, stay at home parents even Drs themselves. I consider myself to be a strong independent woman and didn't think I should need something like this but now I feel very differently ! I have my life back! You just have to take that step.... you are most certainly not the only one who feels like this x

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