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Vitamin D deficiency

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NolongerAnxiousCarer Fri 03-Mar-17 19:12:12

I know that vitamin D deficiency is associated with depression and anxiety, but as I'm already on an over the counter suplement didn't even consider it might be a factor for me. As I've recovered I've found now that the main lingering symptom is fatigue, so my GP did some tests. Its come back that I have very, very low vitamin D levels. Just though I'd share, as there may be others in the same boat.

icyfront Fri 03-Mar-17 21:04:38

I’ve found that taking vitamin D has helped with my depression/anxiety.
There is more research going on about the effects of low vitamin D. There’s a poster here called Bettertobehealthy who is keeping up with that research and posting about it here, and that’s been very helpful to a lot of us.

The most recent thread is this one:

It might be useful to have a read of that, and maybe join in (possibly c&p your post?). But your thread title certainly caught my eye, and it might be helpful to continue with this thread as well.

I do feel that taking vit D over the last 15 months or so has eased my depression and anxiety. And I felt more able to get out and about, which also helped. But the depression and anxiety came back at the end of last year, though I can identify the triggers for that. However, that might have been the reason why my blood pressure suddenly went very high. I’ve been on one BP med for a few years and my levels have remained fairly static until recently. Got an emergency appointment and another BP med was added in. I went for a review with my GP a few days ago and my BP is thankfully down into the acceptable range.

I did mention to my GP that my mood was much better last year and that I thought the vit D supplements were significant. I had had some vit D tests done privately and I showed him those results. He was fairly neutral, though he knew that research was being done. I hope he’ll take on board the possibility that the current guidelines (which he mentioned to me) of only intervening if the level is below 30 is maybe not in the best interests of some of his patients. He is a good GP, but of course they’re all hampered by whatever the current NHS guidelines are.

Joto369 Fri 03-Mar-17 21:05:47

Thanks! I've just started a supplement of vit d3 using drops in my morning smoothie. It can't harm! I haven't had levels tested though might ask just out of curiosity

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Fri 03-Mar-17 22:53:20

One of my inlaws knows a bit about clinical research. (for bit read hell of a lot).
He says that vitamine D is now being recognised as a very significant and important part of your body chemistry. Probably worth having a check regardless.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Fri 03-Mar-17 23:18:47

Thank you icyfront

RufusG Sat 04-Mar-17 10:25:30

February and March are months when our Vitamin D levels are at their lowest, since we cannot get any benefit from the sun between September and April

This is the time when we suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD ) and Depression and many other illnesses which follow the season and are worse in the winter

We may need more Vitamin D than the tiny amount in the products we can buy Over-The-Counter from Pharmacies and Supermarkets

To find out how much you might need, search for the following:

* Vitamin D Wiki
* Vitamin D Council
* Vitamin D UK
* GreenVits
* Grass Roots Health
* Vitamin D Call-To-Action

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sat 04-Mar-17 13:42:22

Thank you, I have a prescription for 40, 000 units for 7 weeks. Then my GP has said she will recheck bloods and look at a maintainance dose if the levels are ok.

Orchidflower1 Sat 11-Mar-17 15:12:43

How are you getting on with the Meds nolongeranxious? My gp said range is 50-120( don't know units) and mine came bk 15. Picked up script today for Meds.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sat 11-Mar-17 16:18:57

Mine were 19. Have had one dose now next tomorrow. Not had any problems with meds been feeling good this week but think the sunshine and spring flowers are a lot to do with that. Probably too soon to be noticing much from the meds yet.

knittingwithnettles Sat 11-Mar-17 20:25:38

16 year old Son has been tested as having level of 25 (mol). I assumed he would be given a high dose weekly, but the prescription I picked up has only 25,000 PER MONTH (I ampoule a month for 3 months) Can this be right? He is on the "deficient" borderline, and when I had a reading of 34 7 years ago, an endocrinologist gave me a high dose WEEKLY.

I think I need to ask the doctor, who I never actually saw, they just tested him (at my request) and then wrote out a prescription. Even the packet of Vit D says deficient patients should have the ampoules weekly not monthly.

knittingwithnettles Sat 11-Mar-17 20:28:27

I think I posted this in the wrong section (really just a general question about dosage) Although I think a lot of people will wrongly receive counselling and anti depressants, when they are actually just vitamin D deficient or insufficient. People suggested my son might like to see a counsellor (he was feeling quite low in spirits recently) but it is actually that he lacks a vital part of his metabolism!! Aargh makes me cross.

CocoLoco87 Sat 11-Mar-17 20:33:42

Watching with interest. Can anyone recommend a good Vit D supplement that you can buy over the counter / order online etc? Thanks!

knittingwithnettles Sat 11-Mar-17 20:49:08

1000 IU or 25micrograms is the optimum dose if you have normal vitamin D levels. The problem is, if you are way under normal, that won't help to make you feel less anxious or properly correct the deficiency insufficiency for a long time. I suggest getting a proper blood test so you can find out what your actual level is before supplementing.

Astro55 Sat 11-Mar-17 20:52:52

What's the recommended dose then? There are many Vit D supplements all different diesels and I can't see where the recommended does is? I.E. one a day or one a week? How would you know of buyongbiver the counter?

NolongerAnxiousCarer Sat 11-Mar-17 22:33:36

knitting I think you are best speaking to his Dr to question the dose. For my level of 19 I'm on 40,000 IU a week 25,000 a month is only 5000 a week which doesn't seem like much as a loading dose but they might have good reason for this only the prescribing Dr will know for sure.

LordTrash Sat 11-Mar-17 22:35:14

Thanks for the reminder. I started taking VitD supplements every night after a horribly anxious winter 2 years ago - have been almost clear ever since. It's definitely worth a go.

Pooka Sat 11-Mar-17 22:41:53

I'm on 40000 for 10 weeks. Am 2 weeks in and feeling brighter. Palpitations easing and anxiety less acute. Am also anaemic so supplementing for that but iron pills play havoc with my digestion. I was a total state when I went to GP. Was pretty sure was low on vitamin d because recalled feeling as shitty 2 years ago. The GP agreed to test but felt probably more going on - stress and anxiety wise. I think he may have a point but want to get to point where vitamin levels normal and then have a think about how I'm feeling. I don't have much resilience to stress and worry at the moment - feel a bit like the insulation on an electrical cord has come loose. I do feel like that's improving.

limon Mon 13-Mar-17 09:33:48

I'm due to start vitamin d tablets 4 x per day as have been dx with low levels. I'be been suffering with anxiety and depression for a long time and am really hoping it helps.

LovelyBath77 Tue 14-Mar-17 15:02:30

There's an article in the news today about it being easy to take too much Vit D, while we do need some. Something about it causing calcification in the body at too high doses.Maybe explain the slightly lower doses?

UnbornMortificado Tue 14-Mar-17 15:06:56

I have bi-polar and find low vitamin D can make me feel worse (no idea on the science)

I'm not a supplement type person but I take vitamin D and magnesium religiously.

alwaysthepessimist Tue 14-Mar-17 15:15:25

You can buy (or get on prescription) a product called calceous, these are vitd & calcium chewables tablets, you chew 2 a day but you have to make sure that if you take any other medication it isn't taken within a couple of hours of this as calcium can stop other tablets absorbing into the bloodstream. I am very, very deficient in Vitamin D, I was originally diagnosed with PND but then about 12 months later the GP discovered the deficiency, I take daily supplements and have been off the citalopram for almost 9 months, DD is almost 5, it took years to get off the citalopram successfully

UnbornMortificado Tue 14-Mar-17 15:34:51

Always citalopram is the worse MH drug I have ever come off. I include diazepam and zopiclone in that. Mild discomfort, bollocks was it, I ended up hospitalised.

Orchidflower1 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:10:29

Trying to reduce my Diazapam usage so hoping once vit d raises I'll feel less of a nervous wreck!

How soon has anyone noticed any change in symptoms?

UnbornMortificado Tue 14-Mar-17 16:14:25

Orchid I spent 5 days in a coma which got them out my system. Wouldn't recommend it. Are you doing it gradually under a GP's supervision? It's nasty to come off.

@FruitCider knows her detox stuff

Orchidflower1 Tue 14-Mar-17 17:44:01

Unborn yeh I'm currently on 2 or 3mg a day depending on activities. Kind of stuck on this level for a while been on Diaz for 13 years!

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