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Emetophobes help me please!

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cherrytreeblossom Sun 26-Feb-17 21:36:52

My daughter (18) just texted me from her boyfriends to say that him, his mum and two sisters are all vomiting.

They only have one bathroom.

There are no buses and its an hour away from here, I've offered to get her but she said she cant leave as she's helping.

There is no bleach or disinfectant she can find.

How the hell am I going to have any hope of this not coming into the house?

Ive told her to repeatedly wash her hands and don't put hands near her mouth. and to stay out of bathroom as much as possible.

i feel bloody awful that she is stuck there in amongst it all and also petrified about her getting ill and coping without me and also petrified that she will get it, come home and we will all get it.

Is there anything I can do???

DJKKSlider Sun 26-Feb-17 21:40:16

I would protect yourself as much as possible.
Hand sanitiser, disinfectants, stay as far from people as possible etc.

Not much else you can do sad

wineusuallyhelps Sun 26-Feb-17 22:00:21

Have you got two toilets? If so, ask her to use one and you use the other, until she either gets the bug or she doesn't!

I'd also ask her to remove her clothes when she comes in and then put them straight in the wash.

Other than that, nothing you can do.

I used to be an emetophobe a long time ago and I can still remember the panic in these kinds of situations! Used to be terrified when I came into contact with infected children.

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