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Today i lost it. feel bad.

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malificent7 Sat 25-Feb-17 19:44:19

Dd went to a sleepover last night. I was very happy for her to go and sge had a great time. I knew today would be a write off as she would be tired.

Today all my friends, family and my dp went to a local pub to see some bands... kids welcome.

I accepted dd was too tired to go but i felt increasingly resentful and isolated ad i wanted to join in with the rest of my family.
Eventually they called me and i persuaded dd to come out for half an hour. As soon as we got to the pub dd had a melt down and i had to drive her back.

I started to scresm at her and i couldnt stop that i just wanted a chat with my friends and how i cant do anything anymore.

This is how i feel though. Ive given up the dream of ever owning mh own home, gaving holidays or a decent job but i cant give up my dream og sitting and having a quiet pint with all my friends and family as we are so rarely all together.

My dp is not her dad so he shouldnt have to give up his time. I just cant come to term with the massive sacrifoces of parenthood and i need help.

Once a long lost uni friend came gor lunch but she had to go home early as dd kicked off.

Btw i adore dd and we have some good times together.

But tjis is how i feel.

Isadora2007 Sat 25-Feb-17 19:47:48

You had a night off last night, although the band wouldn't have been on...I'm not sure why you couldn't have planned time with friends or family then?

Or when she is at school can you make time to catch up?

I'm glad you know you weren't fair and I hope you can apologise to your dd.

raindripsonruses Sat 25-Feb-17 19:51:33

Apologise and hug it out with her. I really understand how you feel. You know that losing it with her was wrong. Reschedule something with a friend or two. Tell one of them how you feel. Really really understand how you feel but you need to play the long game with this sort of thing. It's good for your child that you have a bit of a social life and it will get better and easier. It isn't all lost; rethink your tactics.

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