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Scoliosis and feeling deformed

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Alexandra1988 Thu 23-Feb-17 11:29:33

I've never contributed to mumsnet before but running out of options for help! I have a 'mild' scoliosis 16degree cobb angle diagnosed at 16, apparently didn't progress so no action taken. I went about my twenties not thinking about it at all, dressing how I liked with no one ever commenting on the appearance of my back. Recently (well the last year) I've been suffering with a variety of rubbish-not sure if I'm depressed, anxious, got medical health anxiety or what. Anyway at present I am utterly obsessed with the appearance of my back. I'm sure it has got more pronounced and like a clever girl I set about taking lots of photos and videos of my back in a variety of positions. Cue utter horror to see what I view as a large hump on my right side. My DH when I pointed this out to him said he had never noticed and there was nothing wrong with me. Informed him I actually had scoliosis so there was- he told me I looked fine. Unfortunately I have spent the last month continuing to video, photograph etc and some days I think it looks ok, some days it looks positively deformed. I suppose the point of my post is to see if anyone else has a) scoliosis or b) similar varying views on how they look. Im not getting a lot of sympathy ('I'm sick of you crying about your bloody back when there's nothing wrong with it') and there's no one who understands that silly as it might seem, it is real to me.
TIA for any help x

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 23-Feb-17 14:31:20

Could you not go back to your gp and get a scan arranged to see if the condition has got more severe. My friends daughter has just had an op for scoliosis as her curve was measuring 50 degrees and getting worse. It's only now she has had it corrected i actually realise how out of line her back was.

Alexandra1988 Thu 23-Feb-17 14:47:31

Thanks for commenting- I have done so. It was last checked in 2014 and apparently hadn't progressed at all. Not sure if it's likely to suddenly accelerate and if so why but we shall see!

user1486737884 Thu 23-Feb-17 14:58:53

Go back to your gp and see what he/she thinks.
My dd has it but it is her hip rather than shoulder that looks wonky.
She is fairly up beat and regards it as giving her a naturally jaunty walk.
I'm not suggesting you can be this easily uplifted, but you do need some kind of acknowlegement before you can move forward.
Best wishes to you.

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