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I need a hand hold, everything's going wrong

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newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:32:47

I'm sat in my bedroom crying dreading my teenagers coming home
Everything's going wrong, I've taken a new job and now I'm not sure about it, I think my pet needs to be put to sleep
I'm so fragile mentally, I can't cope
Someone tell me to pull myself together

OrchidaceousRose Wed 22-Feb-17 15:40:50

Everyone gets a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. You're right to have a cry to relieve your stress and to ask for some help. You sound pretty sensible, and I'm sure you'll get through this. Take care.

newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:42:08

Thanks I have no one to talk to in real life x

JaxingJump Wed 22-Feb-17 15:45:08

Home from school? If so, get food ready and out and tell them they're on their own when they get back. Pull a sicky (bad migraine!) and go to bed for some peace and quiet.

Regarding pet, it's very sad. If he is distressed book an appointment for tomorrow to get checked out. If not distressed, it can wait another few days.

The job is just a job. What are you not sure about? Can you afford to leave if you want to?

OrchidaceousRose Wed 22-Feb-17 15:45:15

I've been through that, it's crap when you just have to get on with things with no one to talk to. Sometimes just saying stuff out loud (in private!) gets stuff to stop going round and round in your head and makes it more manageable x

newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 15:49:31

I've got to go to work (my old job) in an hour I'm working my notice at the same time as starting my new job
It's the same money but so much more responsibility it's so daunting, I made a mistake yesterday at my new job and now I'm doubting myself, there's so much to learn
I just feel overwhelmed and so lonely, if I tell my dh he'll say I've taken too much on doing 2 jobs
I've got no friends and when I'm upset I start dwelling on it
The vet told me off last week, I'm trying so hard to make my pet well but it's not working

JaxingJump Wed 22-Feb-17 16:00:50

New jobs are always a bit humiliating as you know nothing and make mistakes. Try not to let that get to you!

The crossover period will be tiring but over in a few weeks I assume.

The vet is just doing their day-job. I bet he thought no more about you guys 5 mins after you left. Your pet is your decision and it sounds like you are doing the best you can for him.

newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 16:03:59

Thanks yeah, I'm just blowing things out of proportion
I text my new boss this morning about when I am in next and he hasn't replied so I worry that they don't want me back,
He read it at 10.30 maybe they are busy, god I worry about everything
A few deep breaths a big bar of chocolate, that's what I need

JaxingJump Wed 22-Feb-17 16:08:18

And a cuppa. And a box set in bed.

Glad you're feeling marginally better.

What's the issue with the teens?

newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 16:23:50

My teens are ok, pretty good on the whole
I'm just tired, tired of being a parent
I've been a parent my whole adult life

Need to get changed for work, put on a brace face (and some make up)

newbie789 Wed 22-Feb-17 16:24:21

*brave face!

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