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I'm dreading going to bed

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araclouise Sun 19-Feb-17 22:27:27

Today has been a bad day ! Lastnight managed to drop off about half 12 woke up at 3:50 am and stayed awake until gone 6 with that or rinks knot feeling in your stomach then I was wide awake again at 8 am ! All day my anxiety has been at an all time high . Getting off spasms down below again ! It's like an electric shock and it scares the crap out of me ! So I broke down in tears to my boyfriend I'm on the verge of giving up I feel so alone and depressed by this constant feeling in my stomach like your scared , then it starts twitching off ! Then I feel all odd and think I'm going to be stuck like this forever ! I'm petrified of going to bed because it just gets out of hand and I feel like I'm totally cracking up ! Somone please help me

sexyon Sun 19-Feb-17 22:31:36

That sounds awful OP.

Addressing the cause of the anxiety - or at least jotting down plans - takes the edge off the anxiety for some people.

Well done for telling someone...

sexyon Mon 20-Feb-17 07:40:43

Hoping things are calmer this morning OP.

Bumping for advice


araclouise Mon 20-Feb-17 10:18:22

Hi both thankyou so much for your replies ❤️ I did manage to drop off within about an hour of going to bed , have you ever heard of the middle ? It's a series . Well Iv watched it every night for 5 years lol and when I can focus it calms me down. So I put that in and dropped off around 12 then I woke up at half 3 wide awake again ! Then went back around 5 . My anxiety symptoms are at an all time high when I wake up for the final time the turning in my stomach prevent me from going back , I really am dreading today I'd give anything to just stop myself from thinking just for one day .also my boyfriend is doing a double shift today he's in work now been gone since 6 then he will be home at 4 pm then back to work at 6 for s night shift until 6 am! Don't know weather the time on my own will be a good or bad thing 😂 I hope you both have a good day and although I'm going through this if you ever need a chat il be here ❤️xxxxxx

Tinabn Mon 20-Feb-17 21:22:33

Have you tried listening to the radio? I use BBC radio iPlayer, usually 4extra with headphones. Things like comedy programmes or stories put something in front of the anxiety in my head, I think the headphones embeds it even more. I usually am asleep before the first 5 minutes end, if I wake up I just play the programme again. During the day I use solitaire as it's repedative and thoughtless.
Hope it helps.

araclouise Mon 20-Feb-17 23:47:06

Hi ❤️ i watch a series the middle every single night ha ha it's a comedy so does cheer me up , also this is an odd one but alien really relaxes me too 😂 . How you feeling tonight ? My anxiety is playing up big time right now . My boyfriend is working nights and I think it's a comfort thing in bed when I can snuggle up to him when I'm feeling really bad and calm my self down . I am enjoying the peace mind ha ha . I'm going to take another anxiety tablet before going to bed hopefully that will calm me down a bit , I don't know why I'm still taking the propolpnol they don't work for me one bit ! I'm going back to the doctors tomrrow xxxxxx

ForeverLivingMyArse Mon 20-Feb-17 23:49:57

Hope you have a good night. I love the middle!

araclouise Tue 21-Feb-17 00:18:56

Thankyou very much I hope you do too ❤️ I'm laying in bed now I bought this light up fish lava lamp that bubbles away 😂 it's really loud which I love right now cause it drowns out my thoughts ha ha ha ! Il be putting the middle on now tho it's so funny ain't it , brick is my favourite and they are making a season 7 !!!!!!! I can't wait xxxxxx

38cody Tue 21-Feb-17 00:31:54

fraiser works for me and really oddly but reading famous five and secret seven - takes me to my childhood and i feel all safe and secure!
sleep well x

Tinabn Tue 21-Feb-17 07:31:31

Love the idea of the famous five!

clickershed Wed 22-Feb-17 12:15:57

Children's stories are a great way to drop off! Hope you're doing better OP

38cody Sat 25-Feb-17 04:34:54

Hi Op
well - you're not alone - its 4.30 am and i'm reaching for the secret seven to bore me back into slumber! lol

araclouise Sat 25-Feb-17 22:01:06

Hi I'm really sorry only now seeing these comments , I actually had a good night sleep lastnight well went to sleep finally about half 3 and slept until half 12 ! So now I'm
Wide awake and can't see me going to sleep for a few hours yet . Iv stopped taking my citroplam and beta blockers because I'm sure they were among me feel worse . My anxiety is still the same tho been struggling today hate the feeling that your all alone too . I hope you have all had a good day ❤️ xxx

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