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Not sure if I should go back on Prozac

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Squirrelfruitandnutkin Fri 17-Feb-17 20:33:45

I had mild depression a couple of years ago. I took Prozac for about a year and it helped loads and I weaned myself off slowly, all good.

I've been off the ADs for over a year. Lately life has got rather stressful and exhausting. We are coming out the other side of it again. But I'm feeling flat, knackered, no get up and go. Just meh.

I can't tell if this is exhaustion and I need to give myself time and rebuild my reserves.
Or the last stressful month or so have pushed me over the edge into depression again?

I'm planning on plenty of early nights (sleep thief dcs don't help) and I've got myself a bucket load of vitamins to try and pep me up.

How do you know when you should be looking at the ADs again?

AnxiousCarer Sat 18-Feb-17 16:59:27

I tend to go back to the GP as soon as I realise I'm struggling. When I notice that I'm not able to cope with the normal daily stresses. How about keeping a mood diary, scorring out of 10 each day to help you see if its getting better or worse over time. I try not to let myself slip too low before going back to the GP.

Squirrelfruitandnutkin Sat 18-Feb-17 18:58:09


Today's been much better. More energy, finding a little bit more joy in things.

I had a super early night and am full of vitamin supplements.

I know there's no shame in going back on the ADs, just hoping that the last month's stresses haven't impacted on my MH that much.

AnxiousCarer Sat 18-Feb-17 19:52:22

Glad you are having a better day :-) keep on looking after yourself

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