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Totally fed up of feeling like this

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araclouise Fri 17-Feb-17 00:36:54

So once again Iv come to bed and my anxiety duo find are out of control ! I'm so tired but as soon as I get relaxed I get that horrible wave of anxiety in my stomach and it makes me jump then I'm wide awake again ! Does anyone else have this ? I'm so scared of these symptoms and feeling all alone

raspberryblush23 Fri 17-Feb-17 00:49:12

Sorry your feeling so awful OP. I don't have experience of these symptoms but I do have bad anxiety at the moment and I know how debilitating it can be. I'm still awake, please keep posting if it helps flowers

araclouise Fri 17-Feb-17 00:52:27

Hi thankyou for your reply ❤️ it's getting to the point where I'm scared to try to get to sleep now because of the feeling I get , you know when somthing scares you and your stomach turns . Mines like it 24/7 even manages to wake me up😭. Iv managed about 3 hours sleep a night this week so I'm dead all day . I'm laying here watching moor side for the 3rd time lol

raspberryblush23 Fri 17-Feb-17 01:13:03

Anxiety is a bitch and sleep deprivation is its form of torture. Have you seen your GP yet or been prescribed any medication? Would it help to talk about your fears or does distraction help? What do you think of the Moorside? I watched it last night and thought it was good.

PopGoesTheOysteryBullshit Fri 17-Feb-17 01:20:15

I have anxious periods when I can actually feel my heart beating through my limbs when I lie down. No advice, but you have my sympathy ❤

sobeyondthehills Fri 17-Feb-17 01:20:25


I suffer from anxiety and get this, I can wake up in the middle of the night panicking how I am going to pay for DS' university.

DS is 4

As Rasperberry says have you been to a GP?

araclouise Fri 17-Feb-17 01:23:55

Well I went to the docters Tuesday and he give me beta blockers it begins with a p but I can't think how the hell you spell it 😂 propolpnol! That's it I think ! 80 mg but it's not doing anything at all , I'm also on citroplam but that isn't helping either! Iv had this since I was 21 on and off but it's just back really bad now . I bought the Shannon Matthews book last week I have been reading that but again I can't seem to stop worrying so I can't concentrate ! I really need Valium but I won't ask for it and I don't think the docters here will prescribe it . I loved the moorside ! I'm gutted it was only a two part series ! But the book gives a different view of the mother she's pure evil ! What starts your anxiety off ? Xxxxxxx

araclouise Fri 17-Feb-17 01:26:01

Hi I'm only now seeing the two other comments , I really feel for you both ❤️ I woundnt wish this feeling in my worse enemy . I'm so glad of this forum I know it's not a very nice thing to say but it's such a relief knowing that I'm not the only one dealing with this . One day we will all be looking back at this ! A distant memory ! And hopefully will be anxiety free ! Xxxxxx

PopGoesTheOysteryBullshit Fri 17-Feb-17 01:36:04

That's not a horrible thing to say at all...I hear you!

Any little thing can set mine off. And it's a vicious circle sometimes- I worry about not waking up in time to run errands etc, which of course keeps me awake even longer!

The silliest thing ever? I'm never in bed before 3 on a Thursday/Friday. I'm up checking the online banking every 15 minutes for DHs wages to go in, so that I know we'll at least be able to eat/pay bills. This little routine has been going on since Natwestgate a few years ago when we had to wait for nearly a week!

If you want a giggle though...there's a proper domestic going on in the street below my apartment. She's threatening to set fire to his Manu shirt because he cares more about Stella than her! I'm assuming it's the lager, not an OW 😂😂😂

raspberryblush23 Fri 17-Feb-17 01:43:11

How long have you been on Citalopram for as it can take a few weeks to kick in. My GP won't give me beta blockers despite my pleas due to asthma but hopefully another poster will have some information on how they work. I would ask the GP for Valium for emergencies. I have some 2mg in the medicine cupboard just in case, they're mild but calm you down enough to get a decent sleep. A lot of my anxiety is work related, I've never really fulfilled my potential and in a shit job. Has anything trigger your anxiety OP. I've not read the Shannon Matthews book, I was thinking of ordering it on Amazon. I think the whole case really raises difficult questions surrounding poverty and abuse. In Karen's case she was both a victim and abuser. I just hope that Shannon gets to remain anonymous if she chooses to.

whattheheckisgoingon Fri 17-Feb-17 01:50:11

You are not alone! I have this too, fairly regularly right now. Hugs.

raspberryblush23 Fri 17-Feb-17 01:58:40

Just wondering if you have DC Op? Can u watch a little funny video of them or something else lighthearted to break with the anxious thoughts.

Discotastic Fri 17-Feb-17 12:03:38

This is currently my existence due to health anxiety. Feeling so tired and weak from the constant waking.

NotJanine Fri 17-Feb-17 13:55:15

I get this too, although I do now generally get more sleep. I can't settle down for sleep until I am exhausted as I am too anxious to lie there awake. I wake in the night in a panic that I've forgotten to do something, usually lock the doors.

I have been thinking of going to the GP for beta blockers. I asked about this on another thread and they said that they weren't good to take close to bedtime as they can mess up your sleep - so maybe that is something you need to adjust OP?

araclouise Fri 17-Feb-17 16:11:03

Hi everyone sorry Iv took so long to reply only now I got home , so I managed about 3 hours sleep I went on YouTube and played some mediation music I don't think it helped tho ! I'm barely able to keep my eyes open at all today I'm dead ! This morning I had severe anxiety in my stomach and even going shopping made me come close to an attack I couldn't wait to get home . I have a daughter she's 12 ☺️ I'm hoping and praying tonight il get a decent sleep ! If not I'm going to the doctors again on Monday and telling them how I really feel xxxxxxxx

NotJanine Fri 17-Feb-17 17:11:08

Have you tried listening to white noise? I've had some success with that

I did start mindfulness too, which I think can be hugely helpful. The problem is that it does require quite a lot of practice and when you are going through a particularly anxious time it is hard to give it the focus it needs. Every little helps though.

Sorry to hear you've had a tough day. Hope you can relax a bit this evening and things improve tonight.

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