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Hot and cold sweats at night

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EmeraldIsle100 Mon 13-Feb-17 15:26:20

Does anyone experience hot and cold sweats at night?

My DD aged 19 has had mental health problems since she was about 15/16 and spent the last 6 months in a psychiatic ward due to bipolar, depression, anxiety, eating disorder, self harm and suicidal ideation. She was discharged recently and is doing quite well.

She is on lithium which thankfully has eliminated the suicidal ideation. She seems a lot better in herself and thankfully she is getting a break from really disturbing frightening thoughts.

Her eating disorder veers between anorexia and bulimia but at the moment she seems to be eating and is not too thin. I don't really know how often she is making herself sick after food but she says it has reduced significantly.

She has started to experience night sweats which are hot and then cold and she wakes up freezing. I wonder if anyone has had this problem.

She is on diazapam, lithium, an anti depressant and a mood stabilizer.

I would very much appreciate any advice that you may have. Thanks very much.

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Mon 13-Feb-17 22:02:42

I sometimes get sweats, wake up with the sheets dripping... Don't know why.

Jeanne51 Thu 16-Feb-17 02:34:30

Get her thyroid checked also hormone levels etc

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