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Post natal depression/anxiety....coming back??

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Bellyrub1980 Sun 12-Feb-17 13:39:51

After 34 years of being totally mentally healthy I had my first (and only) child and post natal depression and anxiety. It was horrendous. My child is now 2 and I'm still taking 40mg of citalopram. My anxiety is much much better but it doesn't take an awful lot to knock me off my feet. Something as simple as a cold, or a stiff neck for example. Thankfully, as soon as I feel physically well again, my mental health immediately improves.

My daughter's behaviour has suddenly become quite challenging. She's testing the boundaries constantly and this is triggering my anxiety again. I feel like I'm constantly preparing for the next tantrum. I'm also hyper aware of how her behaviour might be stressing my husband and my parents. I've started feeling nauseous all the time, which was my main symptom before.

Given the fact that I'm on the highest dose of meds.... is there anything else I can do?

Bellyrub1980 Sun 12-Feb-17 13:54:23

And will I ever get better? Or is this just me now??

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