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Hate the night time

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user1475795500 Sun 12-Feb-17 00:59:11

Anyone else's physical symptoms of anxiety get worse as soon as they go to bed, ? Losing the will to bloody live right now 😢

LifeBeginsNow Sun 12-Feb-17 01:10:28

Yes, everything is worse at night.

At my worst I'd phone the Samaritans to help. It would be good to chat to someone and I found after we got to the bottom of the problem, we would chat about lighthearted things to take my mind off it (like watching normal tv after a scary movie).

I'm currently up doing my set of 50 squats. I've been doing exercises to exhaustion (mainly for rehab) and find it helps take my mind off things. All I want is my bed after. Could this help you?

user1475795500 Sun 12-Feb-17 01:24:04

Hi ❤️ thankyou for your reply . Iv Coke so close to phoning the Samaritans lately in the early house but Iv always chickened out because j keep thinking they would think I'm stupid . Iv even picked the house phone up and put it down . I get this constant scared feeling in my stomach and it's ten times worse at night . I find it hard to sleep so I have took sleeping tablets for the 4th day but they don't seem to work after the 1st night . I Defo need somthing to help me over come my thoughts or manage them . What time do you manage to get to sleep ? Xxxxxx

StinkyMcgrinky Sun 12-Feb-17 01:53:30

Another anxiety insomniac here!

Please don't think Samaritans will think you're stupid, after a particularly bad event my DH rang them for advice and I ended up speaking with them. They were really great and did help, I had previously put off calling them as I assumed I wasn't "bad enough" confused

Are you on any medications? My ADs used to trigger restless leg syndrome and it was just horrific. Its funny you should talk about feeling it in your stomach as I was just telling DH tonight that when I'm having a 'bad head' day I can feel it in my stomach. Like constant butterflies but almost verging on painful.

My counsellor taught me a good trick which helps me fall asleep:

Lay in bed and close your eyes. Count to 20 then open your eyes for 2 seconds, close them again and count to 25, open for 2 seconds then the same for 30 etc... it does work sometimes. My other go to method is to close my eyes and decorate my dream
house from top to bottom, like an imaginary game of sims. Wallpaper, sofas, furniture, colours...

You will get through this OP. The nights are the worst but you're not alone

LifeBeginsNow Sun 12-Feb-17 08:56:00

The Samaritans have always been lovely. I never dreamed I'd need to phone them. I apologised the last time as I felt like I was wasting their time but the guy couldn't have been nicer. He said it was a pleasure to talk to me as quite often they get abuse.

I'm up and down all night. I'm suffering with chronic pain so I don't tend to be able to sleep for longer than a couple of hours at a time. Last night was actually pretty good though.

I stress that I won't be able to sleep and then it's a vicious circle. You could try a plan to break the cycle during the evening. I found from 6pm I would start getting anxious so I needed to distract myself (Valium was my friend at the beginning).

A walk in this cold weather and then a warm shower should make you feel pretty alive and then toasty. I also keep meaning to try and teach myself crochet. A new activity tires the mind and should help you switch off.

I went on a sleep course and they said you generally get more sleep than you think. It's the constant checking of the time that makes it feel worse. Another trick is to try really hard to stay awake. It makes you want to sleep for some reason.

Post on here when you're stuck. There's usually people up and a chat about nothing in particular will help.

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Sun 12-Feb-17 09:24:03

It's morning now, please post something and tell us how the night was.

user1475795500 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:26:52

Hi everyone thankyou all so much for all your comments ❤️ they do always make me feel so much hopeful and not so alone I really appreciate every single one of them. Well I did manage to get to sleep but it wasn't a good one I kept waking up and them took ages to get back then the anxiety started again so I just got up . Today was really bad . Me and my boyfriend went out for dinner and then for a walk and I just felt really anxious and nearly had a panic attack but I managed to keep it together . I was feeling pretty desperate in the car and was thinking I just don't want to be like this anymore because I really can't cope then all of a sudden the feeling has gone ! 4 hours later and I'm still feeling a lot better . Still anxious but nowhere near as I have been . I can deal with it like this . But bed time hasn't come yet 😭. I hope everyone else has had a great day xxxxxxxx

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Sun 12-Feb-17 23:42:26

We had a lovely day. We did something really wierd... we did housework!! I tidied up my shed and DP sewed a dress... We both did some throwing away of rubbish that gets built up..... then cooked a supper for M&D and family... It was really great working hard to put food on a table then everyone sitting down to eat together.

Tomorrow we think about cleaning up...

user1475795500 Mon 13-Feb-17 00:01:12

Awww I'm really glad you had a lovely day ❤️ I went out for Sunday lunch that's one thing I can't make well that and a brekfast I can't multi task at all 😂 do you find it hard to relax at night ? I'm going back to the docters in the morning Iv had enough of this feeling ruining my life xxxxxx

LifeBeginsNow Mon 13-Feb-17 01:40:49

I'm on sertraline as it has an anti anxiety element to it. It doesn't have to be forever but it may help you.

You sound like you are doing what I used to do and worrying about bed before you're even anywhere near it. You don't know your sleep will be bad but if you start predicting it, there's more chance it will be.

LadyMaryofDownt0n Mon 13-Feb-17 01:59:58

Hi, look like we've a lot in common. Bloody anxiety wrecks me every night, it just seems to escalate around 10!

Tried lots of things nothing works.
Hope your feeling better tonight OP

user1475795500 Tue 14-Feb-17 00:59:21

Hi how are you all coping tonight I went to bed in a rather calm mood and now it's just back with vengence😭!

LadyMaryofDownt0n Wed 15-Feb-17 07:49:14

Morning well I couldnt sleep so ended up on the sofa at 2, then got up for work at 5.

I used anxiety meditation last night & it was great! I am seriously considering leaving my job & it's cause me so much anxiety am all over the place. I really need a break.

How's things with you? Anything on your mind that's escalating it?

araclouise Wed 15-Feb-17 12:55:10

Hi ☺️ awwww I'm really really sorry your struggling . Can you get a sick note from the doctor to sign you off for a while ? I got sacked from my job because my anxiety and depression got so bad I was going in late and couldn't focus on what I was supposed to be doing and when I realised I had to sort my self out it was too late , that was July and I'm still unemployed ! I really want to get back to working but right now I know the interview would tip me over the edge. I have been through a lot in my 20s bad relation ship , bad break up post natal depression , physical and emotional abuse and a few other things , I had a misscarriage last month I think this is what's started things off again for me . But I don't know really it's just getting me down now . Somtimes I have this thought pop into my head and I can't get it out that I'm going to have to end it with my boyfriend because I'm never going to be normal and it's not far on him . If I'm on my own I can suffer in silence and I won't be affecting or hurting no one else . Do you know what's brought on your anxiety ? Somthing happened when I was 21 and it's stemmed from there I think . I havnt ever mentioned it and don't think I could . Somtimes I wish I could talk about it an maybe one day I will but that was 9 years ago so a long time ago now to be bringing up the past . I work my self up before going to bed because I always feel a lot worse when I'm laying there I managed to just listen to my breathing and nodded off then woke up when my boyfriends alarm went off at half 6 tried going back to sleep but my legs kept jumping and I had that horrible feeling in my stomach do just got up ! I'm dead now tho 😂 . I was put on 80 mg propolpnol yesterday but still my anxiety feels the same in my stomach ! Arghhhh sorry about the big essay of moaning 😂😂😂 hope you have a good day today xxxxxx

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