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Trauma crash

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Woollymammoth63 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:17:16

Hi everyone. I've been doing so well lately, so well in fact I thought I would properly work through a trauma episode now, thinking I now have the skills to cope.
Unfortunately this has caused a huge crash in anxiety, mood, jitteriness etc. how can the brain just do this after a conversation? Could I have a hand hold please , have had a very bad evening.

BeIIatrixLeStrange Thu 09-Feb-17 00:18:16

I am here, I don't know what to say though..but I'm here

BeIIatrixLeStrange Thu 09-Feb-17 00:18:53

Did the convo have some triggers? I get way jittery after speaking to my mum, lasts weeks

Woollymammoth63 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:22:59

I was confident I would be ok talking it through, then completely crashed with feeling anxious and as if I am back then.

Blackbird82 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:49:48

Who were you talking to? Were they the trigger perhaps?

Woollymammoth63 Thu 09-Feb-17 07:37:43

I was talking to my therapist.

AnxiousCarer Fri 10-Feb-17 19:18:03

I found similar when I saw a psychologist. It made my anxiety and flash backs much worse. I did some research and found that its recognised by psychologists that traditional talking therapies can retraumatise, and make things worse for the individual. My psychologist said that things had to get worse before they got better. I wasn't getting to the getting better bit so I saw an nlp ( neurolinguistic programming ) therapist privately for Eye movement integration therapy which resolved all my symptoms in 1 session.

MagicChicken Fri 10-Feb-17 19:25:48

I have had this experience, although to a lesser extent - I don't think I was a traumatised as you sound. I know therapy is supposed to be good for you, and eventually it is, but sometimes you can come out of a session feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted and completely shit about exposing stuff you've done pretty well keeping a lid on for years, and for a while you feel worse and wonder why you bothered.

All I can say is that in comes right in the end, it just feels a bit like hard work at the time. Keep at it, and be kind to yourself {flowers]

Woollymammoth63 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:14:50

Thank you both. I had some emdr after the episode and it didn't work, however, I think it may have been too soon, the therapist also wanted a list of traumas, and I was quite agitated and distressed. So now I have a good relationship with my therapist, I do feel this is the right time, but it does seem to re traumatise me. I have had terrible symptoms of dread/ agitation/ chest pain/ shut down, nearly to the point of not coping. Thankfully today it's lifted a little. It's like a response that has to run its course, and exhausting, as well as disruptive , also horrible to look ahead and see how many more times I might have to tolerate it.

AnxiousCarer Sat 11-Feb-17 11:07:20

Hi wooley my psychologist said that therapy was like cutting open an infected wound to clean it out and let it heal properly. With this analagy I would say the EMI was like key hole surgery. The thing I found most usefull was that it didn't require me to talk about my experience at all, just to think about it. I didn't find it at all traumatic though it was exhausting. The difference compared to the psychologist, who left me in a mess for days was amazing. Since having the EMI I have found that I've remembered some of the worse memories, which can be emotional but the anxiety and pannic attacks have not returned. Its like now the PTSD has been delt with I can process the memories properly.

Woollymammoth63 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:31:01

I will discuss with her re way forward I think, thanks anxious. It sounds as if emdr would be less distressing , but I Don't know, maybe it depends on the person and the history etc

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