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I need advice on depression

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Blotchetta Wed 08-Feb-17 19:38:57

Im a new mum daughter is 15 months now. My son is 14 so I had a few years of 'freedom' and independence before having her so I'm still adjusting.
This year has been very difficult because of a few major life events happening one after another.
Apart from having a new baby, we also moved twice in 6 months and even though we are in a nice area and a bigger place, I terribly miss my old town, neighbours and friends.
I'm going to baby groups and have met a few people but I'm feeling very resistant to 'make new friends ' at my age (39) . I feel I have enough friends and it's a full time job maintaining those I don't want to get any new ones.
But I know I have to.
Apart from the move my sister has been diagnosed with cancer this year and is currently going through chemotherapy, and that affected me very badly. I worry about her a lot and feel helpless.
On top of everything I lost my job and financial independence, after my maternity leave and now my partner has to work Saturdays to keep us afloat. I feel I lost my purpose.

So all together, new baby, move, cancer in family, no income, isolation....about 2 months ago I started developing physical symptoms which came from anxiety I think.
I had terrible back ache, muscle ache, general aches and pains, which went on for weeks .
My appetite has dropped, my sex drive is non existent and I have developed hypochondria (I feel something is seriously wrong with me, predominantly that I have or will get cancer like my sister) .

I went to physio for my back and he said my muscles are so tight and tense that my whole back feels like pressing bone .
I also referred myself for CBT which I'm still waiting for.

I guess what I want to ask I need to go on medication?
What are your experiences?

Normally I'm an optimistic ,happy together person so part of me feels that maybe I should just ride it out til I 'snap out of it' , but I'm in such a dark place that I struggle to find joy in anything right now.

Any advice please confused

fallenempires Wed 08-Feb-17 23:29:36

Make an appointment with your GP and tell them what you have posted here.It is probably worth finding out which GP's in your practice have a keen interest in MH problems before you book your appointment.

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Thu 09-Feb-17 09:36:51

Do you need meds? or should you ask will meds help?

One could argue that you seem to be just about getting by without meds so you don't "need"them..

OTOH, If you get the right one, (there is a tale to tell about that), they can help a lot. Indeed they can make an incredible difference. There is no harm done by talking to your GP and getting an opinion. It is quite likely you would get a prescription of some sort. You can then choose if you take them or not. Having that choice puts you in control. There is a lot to be sad for that.

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