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I'm scared I'm going to not wake up

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user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 00:26:22

Hi is there anyone on here to help me please , Iv had anxiety really bad for 9 years it comes and goes and these last few weeks it has come back with vengeance . I havnt been able to sleep so I bought nytol one a night . Tonight I had 1 cider then I had a bad tooth so took two solphedine max then an hour later came to bed and took my nytol ! So it came to my head that maybe I wasn't suppoused to of took them all together so yip Iv been on google and now I'm convinced I'm not going to wake up I'm petrified here I really am and I know how stupid this sounds I just can't calm my self down . Thankyou for reading

KavvLar Tue 07-Feb-17 00:30:33

Take a deep breath. You should be absolutely fine but I understand that anxiety is a tricky beast and even knowing full well you'll be OK doesn't always help. Do you have any techniques you can use to help you calm and slow down the racing thoughts? Is anyone with you? Maybe make a warm milky drink and use one of the guided meditation things on YouTube? Hope you are OK did not want to read and run.

PleasantPhesant Tue 07-Feb-17 00:32:22

I've had this feeling.

You're not alone with this. flowers

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 00:36:21

Thankyou both for replying , my boyfriend is in bed too but he's sleeping and up in 4 hours for work so I can't wake him up , I have been dying too tho but I think he would kill me 😂. I hate this feeling I know il wake up in the morning and think how stupid I was like I have done so many times it's just so hard to believe it when your in this mind frame . Iv been having panic attacks everytime Iv came to bed this last week it's like coming to bed makes my anxiety so much worse . I'm going to the docters tomrrow I can't cope with it no more . I could calm myself down but now I can't and Iv for a constant feeling of somthing bad is going to happen in my stomach .your replies have calmed me down a lot I really appreciate it ❤️ xxxxx

PleasantPhesant Tue 07-Feb-17 00:37:57

It really will pass.
Have you tried any calming techniques?
What works for you?

Blackbird82 Tue 07-Feb-17 00:42:54

I have anxiety too. It's a bitch....

I have also found that Nytol makes me more likely to have a panic attack, in fact I had one only last night!

I think you just have to ride out the anxiety as best you can and it will pass eventually. Reading helps, MN is a great distraction! Just keep reading until you fall asleep.

You will wake up, I promise

auldfuckingspinster Tue 07-Feb-17 00:49:26

Rooting for you, another anxiety person here. If you're panicking right now, the website no panic has a fantastic recorded message that's great at talking you down and regulating breathing. Sending very un-mumsnet hugs flowersbear

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 00:53:38

Thankyou very much you have helped me a lot ❤️ Iv not got any calming techniques but I bloody need them ! I'm going to ask to see a therapist tomorrow . It all started when I was 21 ! Bad relationship woke up one morning and as soon as I opened my eyes I had a panic attack didn't have a clue what it was ! Practically crawled next door to my mothers thinking I was dying and she phoned an ambulance for me they kept me in for the whole weekend and asked if somthing bad had happened to cause my anxiety then he said I had health anxiety ! So for about 4 years every pain I was convinced it was terminal . Then the health anxiety went and it turned in to social anxiety and now I'm just anxious about everything so it's killing me . Only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping I can't even stay in bed longer than 5 mins when I wake up because I start cracking up . I am feeling a lot calmer now 😘 but still way to anxious to sleep . What kind of anxiety have you got ? I hope you don't mind me asking ? Xxxxx

Blackbird82 Tue 07-Feb-17 01:01:54

Mine started off as full blown panic attacks 4 years ago, always at night and the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

Since then life has become more stressful, job/relationship/baby and my anxiety has increased. On the outside, it would appear that I'm absolutely fine. But my head is in bits most of the time....

Now I can mostly cope with the panic attacks, they are more of an irritation than terrifying. Although the last bad one I had at the end of December saw me knocking on my next door neighbours door at midnight (my husband was away) begging for help, having full blown convulsions. It was horrendous but my lovely neighbour helped me through it.

I saw my gp the next day, prescribed AD's which lasted one day. I just couldn't cope with the side effects, my brain is too wired.

I start therapy tomorrow.....I need it!!

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 01:09:50

Omg I'm I bet that was terrifying ! 😢 Iv only ever had two severe ones where I just collapsed on the floor and I could move I stayed there for 9 hours until my boyfriend got home because I convinced my self if I did move my heart would stop ! It's mad how anxiety gets worse at night isn't it ! I can't wait for summer so it's lighter later . I'm
Exactly the same everyone thinks I'm this happy fun person when really I'm the most scared and unhappiest . I convinced my self two weeks ago I was going mad and was going to be sectioned then had a few minutes of being stuck in that derelaization , have you ever had that ? It used to petrify me but now I know it's normal and just a symptom of anxiety so I just deal with it , my daughter is 12 and I try so hard to be normal because I don't want it rubbing off on her. She's such a loving happy little girl I'd hate for her to end up suffering like me when she's older . I hope tomorrow helps ❤️ xxxxxx

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 01:11:52

Thankyou so much for you reply , I will Defo take a look at that recording I think il be listening to it 24/7 ❤️😂 xxxxxxx

Blackbird82 Tue 07-Feb-17 01:24:08

Bless you, I really do sympathise, life is very hard at times.

Yes I have had the depersonalisation thing happen, only the once though. It was during the bad attack in December. I was sat in the toilet thinking, I'm not in reality right now, I don't know who I am.......god that sounds so fucked up!!

I have come to understand a lot about anxiety over the past year and I know it has it roots in my childhood, it runs in my family too. I've had some major relationship problems (still ongoing) that have no doubt added to it so I'm really hoping that therapy will help me unravel all of it. But it's going to be a long process

I really hope you can start to deal with yours too in whatever way works

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 01:47:16

That's exactly how I felt too ! I was saying my name in my head and it hair didn't make sense ! It was like a film palming in my head that I couldn't get out of and I thought i was going to be stuck like it ! Iv been with my boyfriend 6 years coming up and we are far from happy on times and that Defo adds to me having worse anxiety attacks . He's not very understanding of anxiety at all he just thinks that it's just me worrying over nothing and I can just stop and snap out of it so I don't speak to him about it no more because he just gets really pissed off and then we argue and then I'm up all night bloody worrying about that 😂! I can't believe I deleted this app ! I was going through a bad patch and seemed to be reading people's stories on here and it was setting me off I felt worse ! But tonight I just really needed to come back on here and I'm so glad . I would of prob been still bawling my eyes out convinced I was goin to die ! I can see now that I was way over reacting 😂! I'm going to try get some sleep now it was lovely talking to you . If you ever need a chat I'm
Here any time ❤️ thankyou once again for replying and cheering me up xxxxxxx

Blackbird82 Tue 07-Feb-17 08:50:51

No problem, hope you managed to get some sleep and you're feeling better this morning?

No not helpful when you have a partner who tells you to snap out of it because it's such an ignorant thing to say to someone with anxiety. Perhaps tell him that there are plenty of us out there! Also him being dismissive of your needs will not help your condition either, in fact I'll bet it's making it worse.

I think therapy could be very useful for you too. Maybe consider it?

user1475795500 Tue 07-Feb-17 13:17:42

Hi ☺️ well I managed to get to sleep about half hour after being on here it was hard work trying to relax but I managed to thankgod . Oh yea it does add to my stress big time ! I always used to worry that me being the way I am will make him leave and I used to worry about that so bad but now I just think if he does he does I can't help how he feels and I really can't cope with another thing to stress about either . So today the docters didn't go to plan she just give me the same anxiety tablets as before and I can't take them for a week or my St. John's wart so god help me . Have you seen the therapist yet ? If not I hope it goes well for you today ❤️ we will get better one day xxxxxxx

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