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Kalms or other off the shelf product.

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Snugglepalace Mon 06-Feb-17 12:45:04

My anxiety is very bad at the moment. I am reluctant to go on anti depressants/anxiety meds as my sister has been on the for years and can't get off them and I don't know if if I can get through the initial side effects without having a meltdown!
Has anyone had any success with a shop bought products? I know they aren't as successful as the mess but even if they take the edge off it'll help me.

Katy07 Tue 07-Feb-17 16:31:07

Bach's Rescue Pastilles help me - whenever my brain is feeling hyper-anxious I chew two (one after another) and it does seem to calm me down. I'll admit that I doubt them beforehand but really glad I've got them now. Not sure how they'd work with mega-anxiety or anxiety caused by a bigger specific issue but for general no-real-proper-significant anxiety I find them brilliant. They're just like chewing a softer fruit gum too. Try them, you've nothing to lose.

namechange20050 Tue 07-Feb-17 16:33:27

In the past I have been prescribed beta blockers for anxiety. They have minimal side effects and are not addictive so it may be worth seeing your GP. Anything shop bought is jusf going to be placebo effect.

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