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Just Self Harmed for first time in 6 years !!! Anyone about?

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OopsDearyMe Sun 05-Feb-17 01:55:22

I have had the weirdest week of my life, which has culminated in me feeling suicidal all day, its daft I know but I hoped if I SH it would kick my mood into touch. But I'm back down again just an hour after. I have some this in the past and felt better. But not tonight.

Not to drip feed, I have been unwell with a cold and as my mobility aid broke, I have been in the house more than usual, but otherwise nothing obvious has happened. I have been really exhausted and struggled all week to wake up, its like I've been sedated, my mind is saying wake up but my body won't react. I feel awful because I havebhadbthe kids off school all week, pretending they were I'll, when really I just couldn't wake up. I hoped it was to do with the cold, but today I woke up at 3pm!!! So so down. I got on the scales and should have been ecstatic I am still losing weight, but no this did nothing. Then I spent the day really not hungry and realised that no havent had an appetite all week, cold? Or depression?

I have a bag of emotional shit that needs dealing with and am on a waiting list for CBT, but nothing knew.

Now of course I can't bleeding sleep!

wearerofmanyhats Sun 05-Feb-17 02:06:29

Not really sure what to say other than you're not alone. Mental health is hard to deal with. Go to your go explain you need help now and see if u can be bumped up the list. Also google some cbt techniques as there are some on tjere. Hang in there. Xx

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Sun 05-Feb-17 02:06:31

I'm not much help but could The Samaritans help or have you got a crisis team that could advise you? flowers

OopsDearyMe Sun 05-Feb-17 02:43:20

Crisis team here are useless. I get asked what I want them to do to help me? If I knew I wouldn't be in crisis.

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