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Can't cope with stress

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stressedtoomuch Tue 31-Jan-17 19:00:43

I can't cope with the stress I'm under. It's not even as if what is stressing me is horrendous I just don't seem to be able to cope. I've had a rough few months, with the death of a family member. Family in hospital. Money worries. Struggling to cope with terrible twos. Moving house.
I'm having high intensity cbt which I'm positive about in the long run but right this minute I can't cope. I'm worried about the state of my health because of the stress. I need to be able to relax but I can't. My head hurts.
I've had moments of sobbing my heart out into the carpet because I can't see an end.
I suppose what I'm asking for is quick fix stress techniques if these even exist? A short term fix while I'm working on a long term solution.
I need to do something right now.
I have the worst migraine at the moment.
I'm scared I'm pushing my body to the point it won't be able to cope anymore. I'm not the healthiest person anyway.
What can I do? Please help me to de stress.

LiveThroughThis Tue 31-Jan-17 19:18:59

I was going through similar- I went to drs and have a prescription for citralopram and propranolol. The propranolol is great and I had hardly any side effects. The citralopram I felt a bit tired and sick for a week but should hopefully see some benefits in a few weeks.
flowers hope you find some relief soon x

LiveThroughThis Tue 31-Jan-17 19:19:40

Should say the propranolol calmed me for the first time in months within an hour. Amazing!

stressedtoomuch Wed 01-Feb-17 00:12:01

I can't have propanalol I have asthma sad

languagelearner Wed 01-Feb-17 05:13:58

Relaxation exercises? Don't be sad you can't eat those medications... Maybe you could try to just lie flat on your back, eyes closed, for an hour listening to natural sounds like in this album, I searched on Spotify and found it but there are others similar:
Look around until you find something that suits you, whatever the genre. As for the problems, you just have to take one issue at a time, step by step, and think no longer than the day ahead.

Fruitboxjury Wed 01-Feb-17 05:21:09

I have been where you are and I'm sorry for you, it's awful.

Firstly the fact you are recognising the need to cope with stress and looking for help is the most important thing. I left it too late and I am now suffering awful physical effects of anxiety and long term chronic stress that are only just starting to come to light 2-3 years after my whole situation started.

It sounds like you're taking good steps for the longer term, in the short term on a daily basis I can't recommend headspace highly enough. It's 10 minute guided meditations which you can do as a total beginner that really help you to feel calmer and learn breathing techniques that you can employ at a particularly difficult moment.

If someone had told me two years ago I'd be using meditation techniques I'd have laughed at them. But like you, I got to the point where I was willing to try anything. Lastly, if you don't connect with any doctors or feel like they're really understanding how you feel, change doctor. It's important to have a good relationship.

mylaptopismylapdog Wed 01-Feb-17 06:28:33

Sorry for your loss and that you are feeling like this.
I second headspace but also think some relaxation exercises like those at the end of this article might help:- .
I would also suggest that if you get out of the house for at least a short walk each day.
My other suggestion is to find a recipe for play dough and make some for you and your toddler to play with.
There will be a end to this and it is probably closer than you think at the moment.

AnxiousCarer Wed 01-Feb-17 21:29:37

Annother one reccommending meditation and the headspace app. also guided relaxation tracks. My husband and I swear by a track called the golden core from I also find exercise helps me.

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