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beingsunny Mon 30-Jan-17 01:28:41

Not sure if this is the right place for this but let's see.
I have been separated from my ExH for almost two years now, together for twelve.
For most of that time he told me that I was unattractive and would rather use porn, needless to say my self esteem has taken a bit of a kicking.
I have since met a new partner and am worried about my appearance, my sexual confidence is extremely low and I'm looking for ways to work on this independently.

Fwiw my new partner is wonderful and this is no reflection on how he makes me feel but are my own demons which I would like to stop dragging around.

Does anyone have any advice? Books to read, audio to listen to or do I just need to find an awesome therapist? confused

languagelearner Mon 30-Jan-17 05:39:30

Gee, by the sound of it, it could be your ExH said all of those things just to be mean and wicked, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with objective reality...

You could read this blog about selfies, and see if you can make anything out of it:

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