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You need to get out I keep trying to.

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JustSometimes Sun 25-Feb-07 11:39:34

Anyone else sometimes feel like they are trapped? I live in the 'sticks' so to speak and everywhere entails car travel for at least 15 minutes. DS is 17.5 months. Everywhere outside is wet, muddy, cold and access to child friendly places for his age group are literally non existant. I end up taking him to well known stores and shopping galleries to get us both out.

It's driving me mad.

And my partner is at his wits end with me.

Any suggestions

Rhian101 Sun 25-Feb-07 11:52:50

How miserable for you. Have you spoken to your health visitor? Does she have any suggestions? What about things connected to local schools or churches? (Not necessarily connected religiously if you see what I mean).

Sorry, not much help, but do keep 'getting out', just for 'getting out''s sake.

JustSometimes Sun 25-Feb-07 14:03:36

Health visitor has just emigrated (true!) - so we are waiting for a new one. Does anyone else get these sort of days? I could feel myself thinking 'why on earth did I have children' last night; and yet love DS and DH so very much. I try to do as many activites with DS as possible, but lack company. How did other Mums get to meet eachother and make good friends? At the playgroups I go to, no-one is in the least bit friendly and the aura of 'keep away' is like banners over their heads. They seem to bring their kids to play / mingle and not a smile for the other parents. I have tried 'breaking' the silence, but was rewarded with stony glares... so wierd!

fryalot Sun 25-Feb-07 14:09:49

I know how you feel. I am a 16 mile round trip from anywhere and my car died a few weeks ago, so we are stuck in all day, monday - friday. Don't have any advice, I'm afraid, but I do know how you feel.

NbgsYellowFeathers Sun 25-Feb-07 14:17:20

JS, Have you looked at the Childcare Information Service website?
They list all playgroups/mum and toddler places in your area. It will also list activity places too near you.

Have you looked to see if there are any mumsnetters near you.
Netmums has a good board for looking for local mums too.

I know how you feel though.

Tatties Sun 25-Feb-07 14:18:53

Have you tried the Meet-ups board to see if there is anyone near you? Also Netmums has a Meet-a-Mum section and a 'Making friends in your area' board which may be worth a look?

I often feel the same as you and I don't live in the 'sticks' - you can find things to do but it's nice to have some adult company. Lack of it does drive you mad.

Tatties Sun 25-Feb-07 14:20:04

X-post YellowFeathers - great minds, eh?!

BettySpaghetti Sun 25-Feb-07 14:20:59

Have you tried going swimming with your DS or to a Tumble Tots type group or music group ?-in those situations its often easier to meet people as its not as pressured as a toddler group.

NbgsYellowFeathers Sun 25-Feb-07 14:27:19


In the last place we lived I just bit the bullet and went for it.
I got dd going to a local playgroup. Like you I got ignored for a while but eventually I got talking to everyone and it became something we both looked forward too.
I also took her to a music class which was great.

fryalot Sun 25-Feb-07 14:30:05

back in the days when I had transport, I took my two to tumbletots, and they both loved it and it was good for me to, because there's no pressure to talk to the other mums, although you can if you like iyswim.

JustSometimes Sun 25-Feb-07 20:31:20

Thanks everyone. For those who have been to Tumbletots, what do they do? I've had a couple of goes trying to get onto their website, but it's not opening up. It isn't 'local' but it sounds like it would be worth a journey if it get me meeting people.

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