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I just want to feel better

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Aveiam Sun 22-Jan-17 20:36:49

I can't stop feeling so low, I don't know what to do. I'm all alone. No one can help. I've been to a&e and they just give me diazepam and send me home. I don't even know why I'm posting. It's just I feel dread all the time. Complete darkness and I don't know how to feel better.

Gooseygoosey12345 Sun 22-Jan-17 20:56:46

Have you had any counselling? A&E aren't great at dealing with MH issues unless you're a danger. Do you have any support in rl? Sorry you're going through this

Aveiam Sun 22-Jan-17 21:02:39

I am in therapy yes, everytime I've been to a&e it's because I don't feel safe but they just haven't helped

Wolfiefan Sun 22-Jan-17 21:05:22

Have you any contact with a crisis team?
Can you call your GP tomorrow?
Call Samaritans or get a friend/family member to stay or take you to a and e if you need to tonight?
You mention diazepam. Are you on any regular meds? Could they need tweaking?

Joto369 Mon 23-Jan-17 06:47:53

Hi Avieam. I'm sending huge hugs to you. I have only experienced mild depression and anxiety but that is bad enough. Have you got friends and family that can support you? As wolfiefan says are you on regular meds? One thing I am guilty of is being hard on myself and wanting to be better now and that doesn't work. You need time and to give yourself lots of self care and love. Keep posting and people will take the time to talk and support - that's what the forum is for xxx

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