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Bloody anxiety again

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Realitea Sat 21-Jan-17 18:48:44

I posted in chat then realised here is the right place. 2016 was a bad year for anxiety and I was diagnosed with GAD. Some quite stressful situations and an illness lead up to it all coming out in the form of panic attacks and feeling out of it, nauseous to the point of not being able to even eat etc for a good while.
Towards the end of the year I felt almost over it apart from a few small anxiety attacks here and there in certain social situations but I made myself do everything anyway.
Now this year I've already suffered a bereavement and have to fly on a long flight (well..just under five hours) soon due to this. I suppose I'm anticipating the worst in thinking what if my anxiety comes back because of the stress and what if I panic on the plane.
I can't really remember what I learned in cbt about 'what ifs'!
I also have a really bad cold and I'm worrying I'll feel ill on the plane although it's probably going to be better by then anyway ...
Can anyone help?

Joto369 Mon 23-Jan-17 06:59:23

Your title sounds just like me - I get do bloody angry with anxiety! What ifs don't help at all but I'm guilty of them. And they never come true! What if I have a panic attack - well I'll deal with it and they've never done me harm in the 15 years I've experienced them. If your stress levels are up naturally you may feel lower and anxious. If you hadn't suffered in the past you would take this in your stride but as you (and I) have done, the default response is on no what if I become ill again. It's so easy as I'm typing this to explain but after a car accident and my husbands infidelities I'm doing exactly the opposite and what iffing! I know it's stress and I know as I deal with it it will pass in time but illogical me takes over! If you panic on the plane you will deal with it. Maybe get a diazepam prescribed as a just in case? I think you'll find you're stronger thsnks you think xxx

Realitea Tue 24-Jan-17 08:42:30

I've tried counteracting my what ifs with really good what ifs which is helping. What if I feel awful on the plane? / what if I enjoy the flight !
I know the worst thing is to avoid situations as it's negative reinforcement so providing my cold clears up I'm still going. As I haven't tried diazepam before I don't really want to try. I've downloaded some comedies on my tablet so I'll have that to keep me focussed.

AnxiousCarer Tue 24-Jan-17 18:21:18

Sounds like you have some great stratagies in place. Watched something on TV the other day about why people feel ill after flying. Apparently its due to dehydration because the air is so dry in the plane, so keep hydrated and you will be less likely to feel poorly, hope the colds gone by then..

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