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Bumbleclat Fri 20-Jan-17 19:38:04

3 weeks pp and having at least one mood swing every few days DH walking on eggshells I'm either gushingly loved up and filled with gratitude for everything he's doing (a lot) or furiously angry with him if he sounds reluctant to help when I ask or a blubbering mess when I hate myself for getting angry at him and worry that I'm just going to drive him away.
My newborn is nocturnal co sleeping and EBF but her latching at night is fraught and unsmooth and she is very windy and distressed most nights then sleeps all day.
So yeah I'm exhausted.
I can't feel sane if the house is dirty/messy or if I don't eat well. DH is a crap cook and will go for hours without eating or offering me anything worth eating so I feel I have to stay on top of and in charge of both of these areas to stay feeling in anyway high well being BUT I'm tired and either angry or tearful with out of character self loathing to boot.
None of my family live nearby and my mum died of cancer last August so I'm also dealing with lots of emotion with that.
Should I ask the Dr to out me on ADs?

Greydiddi Fri 20-Jan-17 21:13:49

Hello bumble I'm so sorry you are feeling like this, the first few weeks with a newborn are really tough and your hormones will still be going everywhere. Maybe try talking to your health visitor initially or do go and see your GP if you feel you need it.

I also had no family nearby and my husband went away my my eldest DS was 10 days old. I don't know if you could afford it but one thing to consider if you can is maybe see if you could get someone in to help you for a few hours? There are lots of different people out there - doulas, night nannies, quite a few midwives I know also do extra work outside of the hospital helping mum's and new babies. They could give you a few hours break. Or maybe a cleaner for a couple of hours or even just ordering in some really good ready made meals? Again not cheap but do frozen meals that feel very home cooked. Then at least you would be getting a good meal a day.

It doesn't seem like it now but it does get easier flowers but if you are struggling do reach out to the health visitor or GP.

Greydiddi Fri 20-Jan-17 21:15:42

One other thing - it probably feels impossible task - but there are also lots of good breast feeding clinics/groups who might be able to help with your little one of latching is one of the problems.

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