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Health anxiety about DC

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Greydiddi Fri 20-Jan-17 12:58:21

Hi all

Just writing for some support really. I'm really struggling with my health anxiety around my DC today. I have been seeing someone and thought I was getting better at keeping it under control, but my littlest has been ill with this awful cold bug for a week now and got much worse last night - temp back up and hasn't stopped coughing ( coughing so much he is vomiting).

My doctors didn't have an appointment this morning so I have to ring back at 2 but I'm really starting to panic and am worried I am going to have a full on panic attack. My husband just gets annoyed with me and dismisses all my worries which makes me much worse.

I don't even know what exactly I'm worried about sad. Also annoyed with myself that I can't ever seem to get this under control. I know my eldest DS is starting f to pick up my anxiety too ( which - oh the irony - makes me anxious).

Trying to stop myself calmly the very expensive private GP so that he can be seen straight away as I know my DH would be seriously cross ( and can see it is a waste of money).

God I hate the person I have become with this sad

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