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Anxiety getting on my nerves literally

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Joto369 Wed 18-Jan-17 00:09:29

I have suffered anxiety on and off for years. I recently had a car accident plus marital issues which have clearly had an impact on me but last week I started to feel a lot better. I don't think about the accident often (maybe once a day) new car sorted and though I'm a bit nervous driving I'm doing it. This weekend gone I started feeling just not quite right. I do sometimes get anxious towards the end of my period so put it down to that. Yesterday felt foggy all day but brightened up by tea time went swimming and fell asleep at 815 (too early but was tired). This resulted in me being awake at 315 and unable to get back off. Today I had a good day but started to get terribly anxious at tea time and on and off all evening with sone intrusive thoughts and waves of anxiety. I managed to stay awake til 10 when I fell asleep until 11 then wham woke up really anxious. I'm now wide awake but tired tingly all over and so frustrated. Why when I had started feeling ok have I gone backwards? I don't want to feel like this!!! I have so much to look forward to and want to shake myself! !! Any ideas???

fallenempires Wed 18-Jan-17 12:55:47

Are you taking any medication?

mortificado Wed 18-Jan-17 13:03:10

Citalopram really has helped me, meditation aswell has been helpful when I can be bothered it's really no fun being anxious, pop and see your gp smile

AnxiousCarer Wed 18-Jan-17 18:19:53

Something I found was that pacing myself helped. If I raced arround doing loads when I felt ok then I crashed after. Not sure if thats true for you. When I paced myself better I had less ups a downs.

Joto369 Wed 18-Jan-17 19:05:26

Hi all. I've been to gp this afternoon and have some propanolol in case I need them heart rate was 112 there. It is down at 87 now but the overall feeling I have is exhaustion. I am referring myself to IAPT in the morning for cbt. Fingers crossed I'll have a good night!

Joto369 Sun 22-Jan-17 10:31:51

Still feeling all over the place. Not needed the propranolol as the anxiety has calmed a little but I'm just left feeling flat. One hour I'm feeling pretty much ok and then I go into a dip where I feel like I'm off my head on drugs!!! Then back to feeling ok! Underneath it all though I just want to get back to feeling like me. Just booked a holiday for April and some yoga and a hydrodance class (last time I spent most of the hour laughing) I think this is why I get so frustrated. Is it anxiety? Mild depression? Circumstances? Either way I wish it would sod off!

Joto369 Wed 25-Jan-17 02:24:30

Sorry back again following a huge arguement with my other half and can't sleep. I had a cracking day yesterday and even today wasn't too bad but then I get the waves of anxiety and weepiness have a huge cry and feel better. I'm beginning to think the stresses I've been under are too much and I may need some meds but I'm so scared of them making me feel worse

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