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choccywoccywoowah Tue 17-Jan-17 14:59:08

So I have just finished a year's worth of uni work in 3 months due to the way I (unwittingly) chose my modules. Unbelievable pressure, not seeing my toddlers (oh has been taking over childcare), house a mess, not had time to put make up on, eating rubbish etc.

I was raped 14 years ago (well i now recognise it as that) and have never even given this a second thought until the past few weeks. I wake up at night crying about it, have been obsessively searching for the guy even though I only recall part of his name. I can't sleep so spend most days exhausted. Crying all the time. Covered in spots.

I was also burgled 3 days ago and my car stolen so feeling scared in my own home, anxious, jumpy.

I plucked up the courage to go to the doctors today and she said that she thinks it's the implant that I had put in 4 months ago. Yet she convinced me to see how I get on with it over the next month. She also gave me a leaflet for talking therapies but they have no appointments for initial phone assessments until the 7th Feb. She said because I'm not suicidal, she doesn't think it's depression or anxiety. I also didn't cry during the appointment, I saved it for when I got home. What now? I can't continue like this. Should I ring sexual health to get the implant removed? Is it even definitely down to that?

Never reqlly had mental health issues before. I just know that I can't continue like this.

CaptainCabinet Tue 17-Jan-17 15:10:20

So sorry to hear this is all so awful. I don't know much about this area but have a couple of thoughts and hopefully someone better informed will be along in a minute.

1. Can you access counselling and other support quicker via your university (student services?)

2. As all of your memories about the rape are resurfacing, perhaps it would be helpful to write them down

3. Is there someone you can talk to in real life?

4. Consider contacting Rape Crisis


Really well done completing your uni work
So sorry this happened to you
You are strong and you will get through this

CaptainCabinet Tue 17-Jan-17 16:14:11

You could also go back to your GP. If you cannot go on like this you could tell her so. It may be appropriate to bring the plan of action forward.

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