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Help for anxiety

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champagneistheanswer Mon 16-Jan-17 14:03:08


I am looking into EFT to help manage my anxiety. Does anyone have any experience of this or other therapies and do they help?

Thank you smile

AnxiousCarer Mon 16-Jan-17 18:25:30

Hi I found EFT very useful, I also found meditation, midfulness and exercise helped me a lot. Mirtazapine took the edge off the anxiety and ultimately seeing an nlp therapist resolved my anxiety completely in 1 60 min session.

champagneistheanswer Mon 16-Jan-17 20:31:58

Thank you AnxiousCarer that Is very interesting. Is NLP different from EFT then? I'll have to look into It. Yes I know meditation would help, I need to just do it.

AnxiousCarer Mon 16-Jan-17 21:32:11

my new years resolution is to meditate at least 10 mins per day.

Nlp covers a wide range of techneques I'm not sure if eft is one of them but I think they are often used together by therapists. NLP is much wider, the techneque they used with me for anxiety was eye movement integration. I've also done the some nlp training which was life changing. Theres an online course too. I've tried putting a link above but not sure if it will work.

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