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Here we go again!!..........................................

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doodypud Fri 23-Feb-07 11:31:58

What is it with husbands.......whenever my husband has a bit of money, why must it burn a hole in his pocket, he has in the past, bullied me into agreeing to spend £800 on a dog,(which went back 3 days later which we could ill afford) attempted to bully me into getting a 2 seater sports car (we have 1 DD who is 2 and we never go out together not practical and for how often he would use it just money down the drain, also we both have cars i have my own and he has a company car)he has been off sick for the last few months so money has been tight, he is starting back at work again next week and ok he will want to have a bit of a splurge but already he is starting on spending money on daft things.....i just have this feeling of dread that we are going to start arguing again about senseless things...

aestheticgirl Fri 23-Feb-07 20:50:07

I know how you feel, when my husband told me he was getting a bonus this month he was planning what to spend it on ... I had to suggest clothes for ds. He didn't do it intentionally though.

I'm in charge of finance so I think myhusband forgets that he has a ds to clothe and feed.

Try keep calm, hope you can talk it through

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