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First psych appointment - what to expect

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AnxiousMunchkin Fri 13-Jan-17 21:22:03

I went to my GP yesterday and today got a phone call from the mental health assessment clinic and have an appointment in 2 weeks to see a psychiatric nurse. It would have been a consultant but there aren't any appointments when I have time off work.

Does anyone have any idea what I can expect? I've not been in contact with secondary care for probably about 15 years..... have dipped in and out of primary care, on/off almost every antidepressant you can think of, CBT, and just accepting that I'm an oddball. I have a lot of self-help/self-care strategies and that's really why I'm accepting referral because it feels like I'm trying very hard but no matter how much yoga, meditation, healthy diet, time outdoors, relaxation, routine etc that I do, I am still struggling.

I said to the GP I felt resigned to needing secondary care. She said don't feel resigned, look on it as being ready to accept help.

NightTerrier Sun 15-Jan-17 12:00:13

Hi Munchkin. I saw that you'd asked about this on another thread, so didn't want you to feel ignored.

Have you already been diagnosed with bipolar and is this the first time you've sought help for a hypomanic epsiode?

It all depends on how your local CMHT is, but now get I access to a psychiatrist who can make diagnoses and prescribe meds that my GP can't and a CPN who I can see on a regular basis. Also, it's easier and quicker to be refered for talk therapy. Ongoing med reviews too, which is really handy.

I don't see my CPN much, but we do keep in touch. This is great because my mood has been going up recently and it's being addressed now, rather than it getting to the stage where I totally lose my shit. grin

I find that my CHMT is really good and I really hope it goes well for you. Keep us posted.

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