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Please tell me this is normal

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Illyria Thu 22-Feb-07 15:32:47

I've suffered with depression for years, would be really down for a couple of months a year, sometimes more, and then would feel better. I've never been to a doctor until this week - a huge step for me - and was looking around the internet for advice.
Having read all the different lists of symptoms for things I'm now really worried I'm bipolar. Please tell me that when you have suffered from depression it is followed by a couple of months of feeling really 'up'.
I always thought this was normal - a pay back for the crapness of being down - please tell me it is.
I know my head doesn't clear until I'm balanced again, but I don't usually do anything too radical (except when my depression became extremely severe a couple of years ago).

Please, please help. TIA

puppydavies Thu 22-Feb-07 16:00:39

it's very easy to self diagnose and get it wrong. if you suffer from recurrent depression then by definition you have to have bits in between which are "up", but it's very difficult to judge for yourself to what degree those ups may be normal or manic.

you've done the right thing getting yourself to a doctor. i would recommend mentioning your worries to them, not least because antidepressants can precipitate a manic episode if it turns out you are bipolar.

don't forget, it matters less what you have, than whether you get the treatment you need at the right time. depression's a horrible thing to be alone with, no matter what type.

good luck with your treatment.

Illyria Thu 22-Feb-07 16:10:40

Thank you, Puppy, you're right, I shouldn't get worked up. I think I just need reassurance from other depressives out there that this is what they go through to (as I had previously assumed).

Illyria Thu 22-Feb-07 17:00:32

I do mean it though! I really, really need some reassurance that this is normal. I'm not wholy rational at the moment. Please! Anyone else?

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