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Lack of confidence-mental health?

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Whatabanana Tue 10-Jan-17 16:32:36

I am supposed to be trying to look for a job (after taking many years out to be a SAHM), I currently have a tiny part time role but it is only 7.5 hours a week. But i am paralysed, struggling to even complete my CV. I try to think of positive things to say about myself but the negative thoughts come out on top. I also keep comparing myself to other people and finding myself wanting. Oh and I have an overwhelming fear of failure I guess.
Is there any hope for me?

WhingeFuckingWhinge Tue 10-Jan-17 16:49:52

Yes of course there is hope for you!
CV writing is notoriously difficult and my first suggestion would be looking in your local area for any job centres or employment help schemes (perhaps check with local council or CAB) where assistance with CV writing is offered and also just general career advice.
My aunt was in a similar position and really struggled with confidence but she picked up a job at local supermarket and that helped her no end - she now runs her own ironing business - she had some leaflets and business cards printed online and posted on local FB page and on notice boards in local shops and she does really well

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