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Health anxiety or is this the beginning of the end?!

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Sugamommy Tue 10-Jan-17 12:28:24

You're going to think I'm crazy... I might well be! But here goes... for a while now I've been getting new and odd symptoms. GP has always put it down to anxiety after losing dad. But I can't ignore them anymore(like my GP! I was there twice last week!)
For past 2.5 weeks I've had mild ish pain in my lower right abdomen. I'm currently feeling it in my low back, middle/right(period-like pain(I have just come on but usually experience it all over lower back). I feel lightheaded a lot, Ive had an odd sensation(not pain) in my right calf, the lymph node in my groin on the right is slightly swollen-GP knows all of this but says I'm fine. Tonight I've noticed the node behind my ear is up again. Had this a few months back and GP said not to worry... today I'm now convinced I need to wee more(this could well be in my head!) individually, these things aren't a problem but collectively, I'm fearing the worst... lymphoma. How do I get the GP to listen without them just dismissing it again?! At what stage do I stop being the 'anxious irritating patient'? I feel if a 'normal' person went in with these symptoms, they be taken seriously.
I've developed these symptoms over months and have gone to my GP every time new one popped up!
I had abdo ultrasound-clear. Ecg-clear, ca125-clear...

Sugamommy Tue 10-Jan-17 13:28:43


TheMartiansAreInvadingUs Tue 10-Jan-17 13:31:06

no idea there sorry but i'm bumping it for you.

StewardsEnquiry Tue 10-Jan-17 13:47:09

What would 'taking it seriously' look like for you, OP? What would the GP do, ideally, for you to feel like she was taking it seriously?

Sugamommy Tue 10-Jan-17 14:04:10

Lymph biopsy? CT scan? Even a blood test?! But nothing was even hinted. They just think I'm a nutcase. I hope I am just a nutcase. Think they're so tolerant of me because they missed/ignored warning signs of my dads cancer for quite a long time, until it was too late to cure... think they're worried I'll sue them!

StewardsEnquiry Tue 10-Jan-17 15:53:20

You had a blood test for the ca125, so did you also have a full blood count then? I believe that would be abnormal if you had lymphoma.

If the GP thought that you might sue why would it be in their interests to not take you seriously?

A GP cannot order a lymph node biopsy or a CT scan. For either of those you would need to be referred to hospital to see a consultant, who could then order those tests. Perhaps haematology?

But a CT scan is a big dose of radiation to have which in itself could cause cancer down the line. And I don't know what the potential risks of a lymph node biopsy are. So those are not investigations to undertake lightly.

Sugamommy Tue 10-Jan-17 16:05:39

The node in my groin feels different today. Bigger and a bit rounder. No pain when I press it.
Anyway, the ca125 was back in august I think. Not sure if lymphoma is detected in routine bloods? God I don't know anymore?! I'm so exhausted from thinking, thinking, thinking! I'm picturing what my children will wear to my funeral, and how I'll break the news to them if, god forbid, something is wrong!
This could well be the health anxiety making this all seem worse, but sometimes, it's not! And that's what I'm struggling with.
I just want to sleep... and wake up with a clear, unburdened mind

Sugamommy Tue 10-Jan-17 17:36:17

I keep needing to pee today too! I want to scream from this fear!!

charliebear78 Wed 11-Jan-17 09:37:11

I cried when I read this-Because this is how I feel and I cant go on like this.
My symptoms started the week before Xmas-burning in my stomach and burping,it gradually dulled to a left side rib pain whcih has never totally gone away but now its gone around to my back and is quite painful.
I scared myself silly googling my symptoms and convinced myself I have cancer as most of the early signs fit how I feel.
I know I got/have health anxiety now and its terrible-I couldnt eat all throughout New Year and lost weight,cried every day and am convince I wont be here much longer.
I have a 9yr old and a 2yr old and it breaks my heart.
I am going for a ultrasound scan soon and a camera down at the end of this week-I want to go because I NEED answers but at the same time I am dreading the results and how I will cope with any terrible news.
I do feel like I am going mad,but with a new/ongoing pain every day for the last 3 weeks plus it isnt easy and my mind is going in all directions.
I have never felt so low,the waiting around and seeming lack of concern or answers form Doctors os hard to take.
The 2ND Doc I saw did arrange the endoscopy so I am grateful-but she did tell me she didnt know what was wrong with me but cancer was on the list-just not at the top!!!
Hope you manage to feel better and calm down soon.
Having a ultrasound come back all clear is a relief.

Roastie1986 Wed 11-Jan-17 22:02:46

Hey. I used to be exactlylike this. Going back I years. Awful health anxiety. Signed off work. Constantly in the docs. What helped me? Medication. Those thoughts stopped. I started to feel normale again. I had therapy. I was absolutely cured for 6 years. UntilI fell pregnant with my longed for baby boy. Then it hit me again. Buy nor for myself. My health anxiety is based around my son. I hate it and Im getting better tho. I know how u feel xx

Mollyboom Wed 11-Jan-17 22:14:06

Hi Op, I used to get all these symptoms. I had health anxiety. The more anxious I got the more I urinated, the more I palpated the tiny lymph node in my groin the more sore it became. Fortunately I had a lovely Gp who tried me with some propananol and they really helped. They dealt with the physical symptoms of the anxiety which seemed all to real and scary at the time. Furthermore I stopped googling and within a few weeks I felt better and haven't been to the gp in years. I still take the propananol but only a very low maintenance dose ( no side effects at all). Also try yoga. X

Sugamommy Thu 12-Jan-17 10:04:56

I started citalopram 2 days ago. Yesterday I was ok. Didn't feel too bad at all. Today I feel 'heavy'. I don't want to move. My youngest son is trying to play with me. I just want to sleep.
Most of my aches and pains seem to have gone, apart from the ache in my right arm. I'm so tense though so I'm trying to tell myself it's due to that.
I'm hungry for the first time in ages but not got the energy to move and get anything. It's going to be a very long day.
I'm sorry others are struggling as well. It's a cruel state to be in x

Inmyownlittlecorner Thu 12-Jan-17 10:25:19

Wishing you well op. I've only recently started to suffer with health anxiety after being ill towards the end of last summer. It's horrid. I'm so hyper sensitive to every little ache & pain & jts so so hard to explain to people without sounding deranged.
I'm not on any meds & am in the middle of a CBT course, but every day really is a struggle x

Sugamommy Thu 12-Jan-17 11:09:59

I'm waiting for a cbt appointment. Hope it won't take too long. How are you finding cbt so far?x

Inmyownlittlecorner Thu 12-Jan-17 12:17:12

It's helpful to talk to someone who understands. I think I'll need another block of sessions though x

Sugamommy Thu 12-Jan-17 12:55:07

I tried it once and I wasn't that impressed with the therapist. She just chatted to me. Didn't feel 'therapeutic' at all! Hoping the next time will be better

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