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Bad reaction to sertraline?

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hiccupgirl Mon 09-Jan-17 11:03:59

Long back story to but I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over 3 years now and then depression kicked in after a major health scare 18 months ago.

I finally decided I would start taking the sertraline I was prescribed a long time ago - last time I saw my GP in September she said it was fine to start it whenever I felt ready.

I had a big crash after Christmas so decided to start it - I took 25mg Friday night and the same Sat night. I woke up with a massive headache yesterday which lasted till I started to feel very sick about 5pm. By 6 I was having major hot flushes, pins and needles in my face and tongue, was itching all over my arms and chest which I couldn't stop scratching, and then I couldn't stop shaking and having to move around. This lasted for 2.5 hours before going off. I didn't take another tablet last night after that but I'm still not feeling well today - hot flushes on and off and spaced out. I have got an emergency doctors appointment this morning, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar reaction to sertraline and then carried on with it and it's improved or whether that means it's not good for me to carry on with it. Tbh I'm not keen to take anymore - it was really scary and not helped by my 7 yr old being there and getting really worried too.

LuciaInFurs Mon 09-Jan-17 15:04:24

I have taken Sertraline since September. The headaches are very common and stopped after a few weeks for me. I started on 50mg and am now on 150mg.

I think the itching and not being able to sit still are also known side effects of Sertraline but I'm not sure about the hot flushes and pins and needles.

hiccupgirl Mon 09-Jan-17 15:49:40

Thanks. I saw my GP and she said to not take anymore and that I'll have to avoid any other ADs in the same family as it's not an expected reaction that will improve.

I've tried amitripilene - made my panic attacks worse, pregabalin - very dizzy, stopped sleeping altogether and couldn't focus my thoughts, and now this which was a failure too. I have diazepam to take to calm me if I'm getting panicky but obviously I only take that if I really need to. I'm seeing her again in 2 weeks to see if I want to try something different.

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