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Feeling stuck and scared- success stories please!

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elevenswan Fri 06-Jan-17 18:01:59

I'm 29 and I've had horrendous anxiety for 11 years now. I came out of an emotionally abusive relationship in May and since then a housemate moved into my rented house that I shared with my ex. Today she has given notice that she's moving out and it's just sent me into a tailspin about so many things, I don't know how I'm going to handle the whole finding a new person and learning to live with them thing. My landlord made it clear he's looking for long term tenants and I'm worried I might get kicked out at some point (end of contract) if there's a revolving door of people coming in and out.

Tbh I can't believe I'm nearing 30, living in a shared house with no security, and single again. I've been desperate to have kids for years and I feel like I'll never meet anyone who'll take me on with my mental health problems as they can be very limiting (find it hard to go out and can't travel etc). I'm on a fairly low wage as I can only work from home, my parents may be able to lend me money for a house deposit but I'll only be able to get a small mortgage...I've applied for a council discounted property buying scheme but it's dependant on so so many things. The sums and paperwork and uncertainty of everything is making me feel like I'm spinning out of control and I feel sick constantly. The insecurity of renting plus how expensive it is here, and being on a low-ish wage is so draining.

Has anyone ever had a situation like this and it all worked out? I feel like I'm in the same place I was at 20. Everyone around me has bought their own house and is getting pregnant and I'm so scared it's never going to happen for me sad

AnxiousCarer Fri 06-Jan-17 20:47:46

Hi, I'm not in the same situation as you, but just wondering what things you have tried so far from an anxiety perspective. I've been suffering with anxiety badly as the result of PTSD the last few months. Medication took the edge off, councelling helped a little mainly as councellor taught me something called emotional freedom techneque to help manage anxiety, meditation helps significantly, exercise and mindfulness help. Psychologist made things worse. NLP therapist using something called Eye Movement Integration has been like a magic wand and tonight I have NO anxiety for the first time in months!

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