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Helping Myself

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PandaPop55 Thu 05-Jan-17 10:55:03

I am (just about) ready to accept my mh struggles will be life long. Is there any hope of me beating this for good?

As I strongly suspect the answer to this is no, can anyone please help me with suggestions for long term managements tips?

I am generally healthy, dont do drink, drugs or smoke, not under particular stress from work or other areas, but am a worrier in general. I need a plan to get on top of this. So far I have -

More exercise - any suggestions?
Eat better - any specific foods to have or avoid?
Vitamins or supplements?
Use light box in winter.
Looking into mindfulness, cbt, etc

Anything else?

EvaSthlm Thu 05-Jan-17 10:58:35

Haha, you sound like me! Reminds me I haven't taken my vitamin pills today...

Don't pick too many things at once, that's my advice.

You could join a choir, I've heard it's beneficial if you're a 'worrier' (like me).

What is a lightbox anyway? I don't have one...

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 05-Jan-17 11:03:21

Trying to spend more time around people who are kind and who have a good outlook on life, and less time around people who tend to be quite draining. Although it takes a while to notice that sort of thing, or it did for me. I don't mean cherrypicking friends who have good luck - just people with good boundaries who know how to accept support without sapping your strength.

Having good boundaries yourself and knowing when to say no.

Being in green places has a proven effect on your mood. Exercise that involves walking or running in a forest is brilliant for mood, I think.

Sometimes, finding places for the worry-energy to go can be good (short-term, anyway) - I'm trying to learn a new alphabet and hopefully a new language to go with it.

Just being kind to yourself instead of getting upset with yourself for worrying etc. It will pass and you'll get better at noticing and dealing with it, the more you work on it.

There are apps like happify too to try out.

PandaPop55 Thu 05-Jan-17 11:08:12

Its for winter blues. You put in on in the morning to make up for lack of sunlight in winter. No idea if it makes any difference or not. I seem to be much more likely to struggle at this time of year, so givin it a bash.

Yes I think you might be right, I could easy go overboard! So also anyone want to help prioritise the list??

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