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OCD support thread

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queenc81 Tue 03-Jan-17 11:42:13

Hope this is ok to post, I'm a long time sufferer of OCD, and know how lonely it all is.

My OCD is mainly intrusive thoughts, they seem to be getting worse which is horrible, have an appointment with my doctor soon to hopefully go back on medication. I've just had a baby so been off medication now for over 9 months which has been tough.

My severe germ aversion has come back with vengeance too which is so tough. The breakdowns have started as I can't clean as much as I want to due to constantly breastfeeding my 6 week old.

Would be nice to talk to others in the same boat, battling this horrendous thing. X

queenc81 Tue 03-Jan-17 12:38:36


littleoysterslittleoysters Wed 04-Jan-17 23:19:06

I have anxiety and intrusive thoughts that went x100 after my baby! It does get better I promise. Just remember the thoughts aren't you they are your OCD and nothing to do with you.
Well done on the BF!!!!

Zoflorabore Thu 05-Jan-17 14:05:53

Hi op smile I'm almost 39 and have suffered with OCD for as long as I can remember, I was diagnosed on 28th November 2016! Just weeks ago.
Mine is mainly cleaning though am not scared of germs, I have intrusive thoughts too and get obsessed with certain things like a certain type of chocolate for months then I will just go off it.
At the diagnosis meeting I was also diagnosed with bpd, I also have severe fibromyalgiasad
So not much wrong with me then grin

Here to chat anytime x

user1483401379 Sat 07-Jan-17 00:51:06


I have overcome the worst of my OCD about ten years ago. I had it since I was a teenager.

It hardly affects me now and, if I find myself going back to how I was, I talk myself out of it!

I would love to help anyone overcome their OCD. Please let me know if I can be of specific help. x

gandalf456 Sat 07-Jan-17 01:04:21

My Dd has this - the intrusive thought thing. She finds them very frightening

rainandsnow Sat 07-Jan-17 01:10:11


I'm a long term sufferer of OCD but I would describe myself as close to cured as I can possibly be. Feel free to PM me for support etc. I'd be happy to help someone who is going through what I experienced flowers

MaximilianNero Sat 07-Jan-17 02:04:58

I haven't been diagnosed, I hope that's okay? I would love to chat. I finally worked up the courage to talk about my intrusive thoughts etc for the first time a few months ago (I was so terrified of being honest), and I've heard "it sounds a lot like OCD" from every health professional I've told. I'm starting CBT later this month. I'm feeling hopeful, it was a big relief to admit to having some of the 'bad thoughts' I have, and I know that if it is OCD, that things can improve.

I've spent years alternating between coping okay and not coping well with my thoughts. I had no idea it might be OCD until last year. I thought I must be a bad person. At times I've been scared of myself, as well as of and for others. I don't want to live a life dominated by worry, obsession, avoidance, rituals in my head and endless useless thought merry-go-rounds any more.

I've started reading an OCD book and I've had several light bulb moments for want of a better word, so far. I'm definitely in a 'coping quite well' phase at the moment, which I think is because I'm on an antidepressant.

If anyone would mind telling me if they found any book or website or something that I won't get from therapy really helpful to them, that would be great flowers

rainandsnow Sat 07-Jan-17 02:32:11

Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Veale is a good one and covers the most common manifestations of OCD. The Imp of the Mind purely focuses on intrusive thoughts. I bought both and found them equally useful

MaximilianNero Sat 07-Jan-17 22:24:40

Thanks rain smile

op flowers

wfrances Mon 09-Jan-17 14:00:11

i've always had it (amongst other mh issues), so has my dad , nan and probably further back.
the hardest part for me is trying for it not to affect my 4 dc too much and that they don't for one minute think its normal behaviour ,
im very mindful some of my obsessions are the same as my fathers (so learnt behaviour)
i haven't found really anything works , and ive been treated for 22 years on/off.
psych did mention as ive had it forever that it might be part of my personality and that why i cant recover.
i also have ptsd ,agoraphobia , social phobia ,depression and anxiety! oh joy !

Littlefoxy Mon 06-Feb-17 07:39:18

Hi I've just found this thread. Might be too late! My baby is 9 weeks & ive had increasingly more distressing & frequent intrusive thoughts. Once I'd read up on post natal OCD it sounds like that. I realise I've had this for years but I didn't know what it was. My job means I hear a lot of harrowing things so I thought the upsetting thoughts were a side effect of the job. I don't have any rituals I just have thoughts going round like a loop & I feel anxious about bad things happening. I rehearse people's funerals in my head, I'm constantly watching the speedometer when my partners driving, I'm too nervous to drive myself. Is this OCD? I'm going to the doctors because my thoughts now are about harming myself or my baby & it's scaring me so much. I can't relax around her & im scared I'll kill myself because I can't stop the crazy thoughts. Any advice?

rainandsnow Tue 07-Feb-17 00:06:17

Littlefoxy PM me and I'll try and help you she's some light on it. I can't PM you at the moment as I'm on the app but I'll respond when I can if you message me

rainandsnow Tue 07-Feb-17 00:06:36

Shed not shes!

AnxiousMunchkin Tue 07-Feb-17 02:05:52

I hadn't seen this thread before. I'll just sign in for now. Ongoing recurrent "anxiety/depression" over the last 15 years, diagnosed a few weeks ago with OCD and cyclothymia. On an antidepressant which has been increased, waiting to restart CBT and am attending a monthly OCD support group. My OCD is intrusive thoughts of harming myself/others and obsessions around order.

littlefoxy no specific advice but you're definitely doing the right thing to see your GP. It might be worth asking for an emergency/urgent referral to the perinatal mental health team if you feel really distressed by all this. I think your midwife/health visitor could arrange this as well. As a small reassurance, the fact that these intrusive thoughts or harming yourself or your daughter are very distressing for you mean you are incredibly unlikely to act on them. Try to be as honest and explicit as you can with the GP about the thoughts and distress you're experiencing. In the meantime for immediate support you could contact Samaritans (phone, email or text) who will listen and help you talk through things in the immediate moment.

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