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What, if anything, is likely to happen if I go to the doctors and tell them I am having suicidal thoughts?

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KateLennard Mon 02-Jan-17 11:18:17

Just that really. Been under docs for a long time for depression but always been very clear that the kids were a protective factor.

Now things are not good but just have no idea what will actually happen if I go to docs and say I am having suicidal thoughts. Will they
A) do nothing, maybe offer more pills
B) actually refer me for some proper support/counselling (this seems the most unlikely to me)
C) become worried about my kids and potentially involved social services.

Would appreciate any information from anyone who has actually been here.

user1468594353 Mon 02-Jan-17 11:38:25

I've been there except I was young and didn't have any children. They tried to give me antidepressants but I refused because pills are only masking the real problem. I asked for counselling and they referred me straight away.
I'm sure your a smart woman and know that suicide is not the way to go and that you would never put your kids through that. Explain that to the doctor and ask them to refer you. It's time u got to the root cause of these feelings. Good luck xx

KateLennard Mon 02-Jan-17 11:43:57

I have tried and tried to talk to them before I got to this point. Gps have no real power these days re counselling, certainly not if you are not suicidal. I should add that DS1 has SEN and it's all very hard at the moment and will continue to be for the forseable future.

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