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Depression without sadness?

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Roastturnip Sun 01-Jan-17 14:53:21

Is it possible to have depression without that overwhelming feeling of sadness? I can read alot about the symptoms of depression and relate but I feel emotionless rather than overwhelmingly sad and tearful. I am beginning to wonder if I've been living with depression since childhood but have never realised it because I've known no different. As far back as being a young child I can remember that feeling of just not being able to get motivated or enthusiastic about anything, having no energy, chronic low self esteem... I've never felt suicidal but pre kids definitely had feelings of not really caring whether I lived or not

AnxiousCarer Sun 01-Jan-17 17:27:14

I know exactly what you mean. Ive had depression in the past where I've been rock bottom and suicidal. Currently I'm recovering from PTSD I've not felt depressed as I have previously just a little flat. My mood spends mosy of its time about 5/10 with occasional lows or highs between 3-7/10 I don't score as depressed on GPs tests but am definately not 100% me.

Your GP would be the best person to talk to.

sniffle12 Mon 02-Jan-17 02:41:58

Definitely, for me it feels more like the absence of joy and pleasure than the presence of sadness. In fact on the common depression diagnostic questionnaire the first question is 'Have you found little pleasure or interest in doing things?' It also asks about things like sleep, energy levels, eating, etc.

Although we commonly link depression with mood, for me it's much broader. It's about simply having no drive to do anything, and as humans, drive is what we thrive on.

I guess the question is whether this is just a part of your personality/neurological make-up or whether some professional help could help you to lead a happier life. You mention self-esteem issues, which can certainly be addressed by talking therapies. You could start by completing the NHS self-assessment questionnaire at and then can take it from there with your GP if you feel it would be helpful.

Roastturnip Mon 02-Jan-17 11:58:39

Thank you both. I come out as very likely to have some form of depression on that quiz. An eye opener as I've never thought of myself as depressed.

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