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Night time panic attacks

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Losingtheplot2016 Mon 26-Dec-16 08:13:47

Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has had experience of this? I've just had a really stressful time with family and its kicked off awful nighttime panic attacks which wake me from sleep after about an hour. My dad was in hospital with cancer treatment whilst my mum was being looked after by friends. My mum has own mental health problems and it was a really difficult time as she didn't cope.

I'm in the process of going back on citalapran (10 days in ) but I've also been put on diazepam for a few days as the insomnia was appalling. Diazepam doesn't help anxiety particularly but it does seem to get me to sleep. But I feel anxious about taking that.

I'm being reassured that this will end when the citalapran gets working properly but I'm still worried. What I want to know is, has anyone had a similar experience and does this ever bloody end!
The sleep thing is just terrible. I'm getting more worried about sleep than anythingelse.

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