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OCD coping techniques

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Littlemissanxietyandocd Sun 18-Dec-16 14:32:13

I've had a GAD and up until recently it was pretty manageable with beta blockers but recently I haveat developed some awful OCD tendencies including picking at my skin causing myself damage I have been do my Dr and have been put in sertraline but was wondering if anyone new of coping techniques I can try as I have unfortunately made a right mess of my face with the compulsive picking and scratching

BetterEatCheese Sun 18-Dec-16 15:37:36

This was me a year ago - I did some research on skin picking disorder and managed to stop. There are great books out which explore the reasons. I did it for 20 years though and it was a release.

Littlemissanxietyandocd Sun 18-Dec-16 17:42:07

Thank you I will look into the books I really want to stop as I'm making myself bleed and causing scabs the compulsion is just to stong and the anxiety when I don't is horrendous hopefully with the tablets and any books I can find it can stop it

BetterEatCheese Sun 18-Dec-16 21:22:17

I hope you can, I remember the feeling, still pick occasionally but can limit the area / extent better now. I remember the horror trying to cover up what I had done with make up. Everyone thought I had really bad acne and I told my friends in the end that it was me damaging my face and they were shocked but supportive and that helped me stop too as I knew they would know what I had done

Littlemissanxietyandocd Sun 18-Dec-16 21:53:31

Thanks I am lucky I have really supportive friends and family so hopefully can beat this soon! I have the sertraline too which should help with the GAD which they Dr things is causing it just need for the side effects to stop now lol

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