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Is walk in centre appropriate?

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Lolloveswoody Sat 17-Dec-16 13:53:54

Background; I have a history of depression/anxiety and one episode of what I think was mild psychosis. I've been off AD's for about 2 years but have been aware lately that I probably need to go back on medication, just haven't managed to get myself to the GP.

I've realised this morning that things have declined massively in the past few weeks, sleep pattern is all over the place, haven't been outside in a fortnight and my mood has been desperately low. I didn't sleep at all last night and I've had a sort of crashing realisation about how bad it actually is, feel like I've been sleepwalking for weeks and have just woken up and am seeing how bad it really is. I'm horrified tbh, I really hadn't realised and now I feel panicky and scared and like I'm on the edge of something really bad happening if that makes sense?

Not sure this can wait til the GP is open on Monday, also a bit worried I will have talked myself out of going by then anyway. I have two options, OOH GP service or local walk in centre, neither mentions mental health on the list of services offered but list doesn't seem exhaustive and both state they offer treatment for medical conditions which can't wait for GP surgery to be open which I think applies here.

Am doubting my judgement though, do I need to see someone today or should I try to hang on til Monday? Don't want to waste anyone's time but the way I feel is scaring me.

AnxiousCarer Sun 18-Dec-16 13:08:12

Hi, how are you doing today? If you feel that you can't keep yourself safe or are at risk of hurting yourself go to your nearest A&E.

Its so easy for these things to creep up on us. You are the only one who knows how bad things are to decide how urgent it is to see someone, a call to 111 might help point yourself to the right service. I've been able to get DH OOH GP throughvthem before for his MH.

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