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Am I being over sensitive? :(

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Boo3Mum Sat 17-Dec-16 13:13:44

Hi, just need a bit of reassurance really that I'm not just overthinking things. I've always suffered from Mental Health issues, I have been through quite a lot and although I manage to keep it all at the back of my mind most of the time sometimes it still rears its ugly head!

Here goes..I'm a mum of 3, married to an amazing man, I don't work but he works a lot of hours, and time together is rare! I don't have any family close by but have a big family. My mum lives miles away and manages to come down once every few months which is nice, but when she leaves I'm reminded of how much I actually would like her to be around and what I'm missing out on, for the past year I have been pretty ill with my mental health, my family do know about it...especially my mum but I don't feel like anyone really cares..I regularly struggle with the kids and end up most days in tears, I know my husband cares but he has to go to work..I don't want to sound like a spoilt brat I really don't but I just feel like I'm left to it most of the time...if I knew one of my daughters was going through an inch of what I'm feeling then I know I would be there like a shot...even if I couldn't in person I would try and be the best support I could be?! I'm just at a loss as to why my family aren't? I'm literally just left too it..and I don't understand why? I don't want them in my pockets but it can sometimes go weeks before I hear from any of them? I understand people have their own lives...but it's like nobody cares at all? When my mum does come and see me she buys me try and cheer me up and sort of sees it as a good chance to get everything off her chest about her life..and I don't feel I can say anything as she has leaves me a mess for a good few days after she has gone but as I don't see her much I don't want to upset her?? Is anyone else going through anything similar or if anyone has any advice that would be I said I'm not asking for much..just at a loss as to why I feel so alone? Or am I just being over sensitive? Sorry for long post!!!x

gamerchick Sat 17-Dec-16 13:24:24

I'm sorry you're struggling flowers

Do you contact them or wait for them? Maybe you need to be a bit louder, sometimes people think someone is coping fine if they never hear from them or reach out. It would be nice to have someone just 'know' and act accordingly but sometimes it takes more than just telling them you're suffering with depression. Especially if they're absorbed in their own life.

fallenempires Sat 17-Dec-16 13:28:24

No you're not being oversensitive at all.MH is still very sadly a taboo subject & many people feel uncomfortable talking about it.
I have the same issues with my Mum,what makes it worse is that she's a retired psychiatric nurse!But I deal with it because she's in her 80's and tbh I think she struggles to take in most things let alone something like that.
It is desperately lonely being where you are.
Keep posting,there are some lovely people on this part of the site flowers

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sat 17-Dec-16 16:00:27

I don't think you are being over-sensitive. It's hard raising a family a long distance from family support (got the tshirt). It sounds like your mum has her own MH issues? If so, maybe she is being as much support to you as she is able iuswim. Not unreasonable to want more support, but if she is unable to give it to you, she is not unreasonable either. What would/does happen if you ring for a chat?

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