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Panic attack over 4 year old growing up

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Panickingyearstoosoon Tue 29-Nov-16 14:49:31

Iv been really low lately with depression and decided to start taking the sertraline I was prescribed back in March this year but didn't take but it got to the point I thought I'm going to end up ruining my sons life if I don't get well so 3 days ago I began them and I'm shaking and panicking and terrified that he's going to become a teenager (he's 4) and all the danger he will be in

I had a traumatic childhood and went off the rails, kids next door just got taken into care. People say you create your reality with your thoughts but I can't stop mine and I'm petrified I know I'm not giving my son the life he deserves because of my MH. I know in my rational mind that I'm having a panic attack and I have had reactions like this once before to fluoxetine but all these thoughts are racing around like maybe I should put him into care so he doesn't see me like this but then I wasn't better off in care at all and I don't want to ruin him further

Iv nobody to send him to. His dad is fed up of my anxiety and has his own issues that mean he's not really able to come and step in even if he wanted to

1234hello Tue 29-Nov-16 21:25:33

This is absolutely a reaction to the sertraline, and it is hell! Try to just breathe deeply and look after yourself and your son hour by hour, it will get better. Well done for starting on the sertraline. flowers to you

Maybe try a meditation from you tube to help

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